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Susan Feltman Sweater Designs LLC, t/a Custom Design Sweater Studio, specializes in unique, heirloom quality hand knitted sweaters, custom designed, personalized and knitted just for you in your choice of 49 beautiful colors.

Remember that special striped sweater you wore when you were a kid, or your varsity sweater from high school or college, worn out or lost years ago? Now you can have one created just like it, hand knitted and personalized in every detail. Custom designed sweaters can be knitted to a precise fit, so you can choose the perfect length, your favorite neckline style, etc., right down to the smallest detail.  Special requests for personalized designs such as custom sweaters to be worn by actors, collectors and musicians are welcome. Copy an old favorite sweater, or create a new design - it's easy, and it's fun to do.

School Spirit Sweater - Hand Knitted Letter Sweaters

Letterman and Varsity Sweaters are true classics which never go out of style.

The School Spirit section has many college sweaters, with and without school letters, waiting to be personalized and hand knitted just for you.  If you have your own letter, it can be sewn onto the sweater.
varsity college sweater - personalized custom design sweaters for ladies

See the personalized custom sweater

which was knitted for Mo Rocca to wear in a

2013 holiday season TV commercial on The Cooking Channel.

Mo Rocca is a TV celebrity and Food Network star of the show "My Grandmother's Ravioli".

It's all about the size, the fit, the colors and the style - heirloom quality, pure 100% cotton in a rainbow of colors, designed to truly fit you - create a custom design sweater like the one you always wished you could find!  These sweaters can be custom designed in any size and with a wide range of style features.  Varsity sweaters, sweaters worn by your favorite rock-n-roll legends and TV actors - requests for custom knit designs are welcome.


Vintage College Letter Sweater - Traditional College Sweaters

Vintage College Letter Sweater   -   Traditional  College Sweaters

The Vintage College Letter Sweater is a true American icon.  Common in the 1940's and 1950's on college campuses everywhere, it is nearly impossible to find now.

This is a classic drop-shoulder boat neck pullover with a single large initial letter on the front of the sweater.  The neckline is turned under and stitched down, a simple and clean finish which gives this sweater its distinctive look,

Available in your choice of either medium weight cotton or Shetland-style wool, the Vintage College Letter Sweater comes in every size, from smallest to largest, and can be personalized for a custom fit.


Would you like to know more about Custom Design Sweater Studio?    The company is featured in Qflea.com's blog.

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