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Pocket Scarf


Pocket Scarf. Store your treasures and keep your neck warm at the same time! Here is a pure cotton striped scarf to match your new coat or jacket, custom knitted just for you in your choice of 49 beautiful colors. Striped in the middle (the area which goes around the neck), the custom knitted design of this cotton scarf changes into blocks of color at the ends, with narrower bands of contrasting color. A tiny pocket (3.25 inches wide and 3.5 inches long) graces one end, just big enough to hold a hotel room key, a few Hershey's kisses, a slip of paper with a mysterious stranger's phone number, or the answers to this morning's history final. This custom knitted scarf will be hand knitted just for you from 100% pure cotton, soft and smooth, never itchy or too warm around your neck like a wool or acrylic scarf. Machine wash/dry.

The Pocket Scarf comes in two sizes, the traditional size (7 inches wide X 60 inches long) and the extra long size (7 inches wide X 78 inches long).  With 49 wonderful colors to choose from, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Looking for something special? If you don't see the colors you are looking for, please ask me! I will be glad to help you. Best of all, now you don't have to spend the afternoon at the mall trying to find a scarf which matches your new coat.

The photo below shows the Pocket Scarf knitted in colors charcoal and purple passion, with the tiny pocket at the end of the scarf knitted in purple passion. See how the design of the scarf has narrow bands of contrasting color in the middle of the scarf, where it will go around your neck, and how it changes into solid blocks of color at the ends. The reverse side of the scarf is solid purple passion. The scarf in this photo is traditional size, 7 inches wide X 60 inches long.

custom knitted scarf with pocket

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Here is a close up photo of the end of the Pocket Scarf, so you can see the detail of the tiny pocket, carefully attached to the scarf by hand the old-fashioned way, one stitch at a time. It does take longer to do, but the quality shows.

custom knitted scarf with pocket

Here's the middle of the Pocket Scarf, the area which goes around the neck, showing the narrow stripes of alternating colors. The reverse side of the scarf is solid color.

custom knitted scarf with pocket

The photos on this page show the Pocket Scarf in size "Traditional Scarf" (size 7 inches wide X 60 inches long). You may prefer a different size scarf. There are two sizes from which to choose:

  • Traditional scarf, size 7" X 60", price $78 (shown in the above photos)
  • Traditional scarf, extra long, size 7" X 78", price $98

Because the scarf will be hand knitted just for you, it is possible to have your Pocket Scarf knitted in any length and width you want - all you have to do is ask! Please send me an email with your special request.

Here's an idea: would you like to have this design knitted just for you in three colors, instead of two? Yes, it is possible - all you have to do is ask me. That's what is so much fun about ordering a scarf to be custom knitted just for you - I will be knitting your Pocket Scarf for you personally, so you can tell me exactly what you want. Send me an email, and we can discuss this.

Your Pocket Scarf will be custom knitted just for you in your choice of 49 beautiful colors. With so many colors from which to choose, you just might have trouble deciding which colors to use!

How to place your order:  Custom Design Sweater Studio accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, as well as personal checks, money orders and PayPal.  A fifty percent deposit is due at the time an order is placed. (For example, a design which costs $98.00 will require a deposit of $49.00.)  The balance is due later, before the garment is being knitted. Full information regarding payments, deposits, customer privacy, wait times for delivery, shipping/handling, etc. is available at Store Policies.   If you have any questions, I am always here to help you toll free at 1-888-797-1088 or by email addressed to susan@customsweaters.com

Pocket Scarf
Catalog #1020b

First, select a color to be used for the pocket and stripes, and the reverse side:

Please select a second color to be used for the stripes:

Select the size for the scarf:

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personalized striped cotton scarf



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