Custom Design Sweater Studio

Susan Feltman Sweater Designs LLC, t/a Custom Design Sweater Studio, specializes in unique, heirloom quality hand knitted sweaters, custom designed, personalized and knitted just for you in your choice of 49 beautiful colors.

Remember your varsity sweater from high school or college, worn out or lost years ago?  Or that special striped pullover worn by the hero in your favorite old movie? Now you can have one created just like it, hand knitted and personalized in every detail.  Recreate an old favorite sweater, copy a vintage sports sweater in your size and colors, or create a new design.  It's easy, and it's fun to do. Special requests for one-off personalized, custom fitted designs to be worn by actors, collectors, musicians and other performers (and their fans) are always welcome. 

School Spirit Sweaters - Letterman Sweaters

School Spirit Sweater - Hand Knitted Letter Sweaters

School Spirit Sweater

Varsity College Sweater - Personalized Custom Design Sweaters for Ladies

Varsity College Sweater

Letterman and Varsity Sweaters are true classics which never go out of style. Each generation of college students seeks out these traditional sweater designs, personal heirlooms to be cherished for years to come.

The School Spirit Collection has many college sweaters, with and without school letters, waiting to be personalized and hand knitted just for you.  If you have your own varsity or school letter, it can be sewn onto the sweater.

See the School Spirit Collection for vintage classics as well as fresh, modern takes on the traditional college designs from the 1940's and 1950's.

Custom Knit Sweaters for Celebrities - Personalized Designs for Performers


Custom Knit Sweaters for Celebrities - Personalized Designs for Actors, TV Hosts and Performers

Custom Knit Sweaters for Celebrities and Performers

Here is one of the sweaters knitted for the new Chucky movie (not yet released).  The iconic striped cotton sweater pattern was recreated by working with photos from previous movies, provided by the film maker.  Working one row at a time, every detail of the custom knit pattern was carefully designed to be an exact reproduction of the heirloom sweater. 

Custom Knit Sweaters for Celebrities - Personalized Designs for Actors, TV Hosts and Performers

Personalized Knitted Sweaters for Celebrities

Fedor Emelianenko's iconic striped cotton sweater worn in recent videos and TV appearances was custom knitted just for him at Custom Design Sweater Studio. The fight may have been cancelled, but the legend lives on.  Who is more famous - Fedor, or his sweater?


Whether you want an exact replica made-to-order, or a completely new one-off design, Custom Design Sweater Studio is at your service.


Copy My Favorite Sweater - Custom Knit a Replica Sweater

Copy My Favorite Sweater - Custom Knit A Replica Sweater

Replica Sweaters

This shawl collar cardigan sweater is a replica of a vintage baseball sweater worn by Babe Ruth, designed and knitted from an historic photo. The sweater is a gift for a customer's wife, designed in the colors of their favorite baseball team, but in the style of the iconic Babe Ruth cardigan sweater.  Imagine giving this gift to someone special; there is no other sweater like it anywhere.  What fun it would be to wear this to a baseball game!

Copy a favorite sweater from a photo or sketch, or recreate a favorite movie star's sweater, but with your own personal twist on it - longer length, a couple of pockets, extra long sleeves with deeply ribbed cuffs, different colors.  All you need is a photo or sketch, or just a good description.  Let's get started!