Classic Sweaters - Traditional Sweater Styles

If you could only have five pieces of clothing, the Classic Cardigan would be one of those items. How many times do you reach for a cardigan sweater over the course of the cooler fall and winter months? And in the spring and summer, a cardigan sweater is perfect for wearing to the post office or supermarket, or over your shoulders at the movies or in a restaurant.

Classic, traditional sweater styles are the backbone of any good wardrobe. These are the true classics, the ones you reach for again and again. These can be knitted for you in any colors you want - there are 49 beautiful colors from which to choose.

The Comfort Fit Vest is a special design which looks just like a standard Classic Vest, but utilizes a clever way of knitting which makes it possible for the stomach area to be a little bit looser, while not affecting any other part of the sweater. Absolutely undetectable by anyone but the wearer, the Comfort Fit Vest adds a little extra width to the front middle section of the sweater, while maintaining its proper fit across the back and shoulders. There is no need to buy your sweaters a full size larger any more.

The Classic Cardigan Sweater, with its tailored set-in sleeves and narrow ribbed trim at the bottom edge and sleeve cuffs, is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe.  Pristine in its simplicity, the hand knitted sweater is timeless and will go with everything in your closet. Matching buttons add an elegant touch - or you can use whatever type of buttons you want, leather, gold-tone blazer buttons, etc.

The Classic Knitted Sweater Vest is a sweater vest which everyone can use. Beneath a blazer or jacket, the Classic Knitted Sweater Vest will add a touch of personality to your outfit which will brighten up any shirt or blouse. Over jeans and a long sleeve or short sleeve teeshirt, the Classic Knitted Sweater Vest changes a plain, ordinary outfit into your own signature look.

The Classic Custom Sweater is the one you've been looking for - it's a customer favorite, year after year. In a wide range of sizes, ladies size 2 to men's size xxx-large and beyond, this is the sweater which truly comes in every size, and in 49 beautiful colors of 100% pure medium weight cotton. Drop-shoulder sleeves and a hemmed bottom edge add a roomy, casual fit, while the deeply ribbed sleeve cuffs are a traditional, adjustable touch. Two pockets are a luxury. Have a sweater designed with all of the features you can never find at a department store, like extra length in the sleeves or tunic length with a split hem. FInally, no more looking through store after store for your size, hoping they will have more than just beige. How about pistachio, or pale yellow? Navy, or charcoal?

The Knitted Duster Sweater Coat is a dramatic and versatile hand knitted statement piece that you will wear over everything - pants, leggings and jeans. Choose your favorite length, low hip, knee length, mid-calf length or ankle length, and a pure cotton color that will bring out the best in your wardrobe, and have a custom knitted sweater coat designed for you.

The Hand Knitted Custom Design Cardigan Sweater is the perfect little cardigan to put on over your beautiful party dress or outfit. Elegant and understated, it comes in every size and 49 colors - you can match or coordinate with your outfit. Order a hand knitted custom design cardigan sweater to go with your new dress. You will be glad you did.