Copy My Favorite Sweater - Custom Knit a Replica Sweater

Do you have a photograph of a famous athlete, musician or film star, wearing The Perfect Sweater?  If you've looked for years for a special knitted garment and can't find it anywhere, then it's time to have it custom made.  Or maybe your childhood favorite sweater has worn out from years of being squashed into a backpack and used as a pillow on airplanes.  You can start over with your cherished favorite by having a replica made of the original heirloom sweater.  A one-off, personalized copy of the original will make a perfect gift for someone special, or for yourself.  You can start by sending me an email with a photo of your old favorite, or a link to your photo somewhere online.  If you don't have a photo or webpage, a good description will do.  I will let you know right away if it is something I can reproduce, and how much the replica sweater will cost.

Custom Knit Replica Sweater

Recently a customer wanted to have two sweaters made, for his wife and her sister, styled like the heirloom sweater worn by Babe Ruth in an old vintage photo taken in New York City many years ago. Working from the photo, I was able to design identical sweaters for these two ladies, one in blue (shown at the very bottom of the homepage) and the other shown here in ivory. They are v-neck cardigans with a deep shawl collar and two inset pockets, deeply ribbed sleeve cuffs and the distinctive button closure at the base of the v-neck opening.  The sweaters are knitted in 100% cotton using the colors of my customer's favorite sports team, the Pilots.  Note the vintage buttons, which each have a little anchor design.

Copy my Sweater;  Knit a Replica Sweater

Copy my Sweater -  Knit a Replica Sweater

Here's what my customer said when he received the two replica sweaters: "Susan, I've received the sweaters. They are beautiful.  My wife loves hers and her sister is excited to wear the sweaters to a game. " Erik A.

Copy my Favorite Sweater

The photo shown below illustrates how a custom knit replica sweater compares to its original. This customer had a favorite old striped sweater which was wearing thin from years and years of use. It was very faded and developing holes in several places. We chose colors that were very similar to, but a little darker than, the original old sweater. The customer's worn-out favorite old sweater is on the left, and the new custom knitted replica sweater, in its richer, darker shades of beige and brown, is on the right.

copy my favorite sweater - custom knit a replica sweater

Copy my favorite sweater - custom knit a replica sweater

My customer was very happy to receive his new replica sweater. Here's what he said: "I just want to say that you imitated the pattern of the sweater flawlessly. I am so very impressed. You managed to take the old sweater and transform it into a new sweater version. I am very impressed I would wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend you to anyone looking for a custom-knit sweater." Andrew D.

Redesign My Sweater

Here is another example of a faithful reproduction of an old favorite sweater. This customer wrote to me saying that his cherished old sweater, which he had owned for over a decade, was literally falling apart from its years of use. He could not bear to give it up, but it had been mended so many times that it was too fragile to wear any more. The buttons no longer matched, since he had replaced them with whatever he could find. This photo shows the old favorite sweater:

Redesign my favorite sweater - custom knit a replica sweater

Redesign my favorite sweater - custom knit a replica sweater

Here is the new hand knitted custom design replica sweater. Note the careful choice of colors, the reproduction of details like the length of the cuffs, the pattern at the borders, and asymmetrical the placement of the buttons.

custom knit reproduction - custom knit replica sweater

Custom knit reproduction - custom knit replica sweater

The customer was delighted with his new sweater. When he received it, he wrote to me: "I can hardly find the correct words to describe this beautiful sweater. It fits perfectly. The pattern around the bottom and the sleeves matches exactly the one in the original. The knitting is wonderfully uniform and the stitching is invisible. The colors are perfect and the yarn texture is sure to guarantee a comfortably warm winter in years to come. Susan, thank you very very much for all of the time and effort you spent in creating this wonderful reproduction of my beloved old friend. Michael R.

I hope the styles on this page have inspired you. If you or someone you know has a favorite old sweater which has served its purpose well, but has seen better days, you don't have to give it up. Have a replica made - a custom knit sweater which will be so close to the original that it will soon take its rightful place as your new favorite old sweater.

Replacing your favorite old sweater is easy. Just send me an email and let me know what you need, and we can get started.