Sweater Designs for Men - Custom Knit Sweaters

There is something very special about having a garment designed and knitted just for you. After all, when was the last time you got exactly what you wanted when you went shopping for a sweater?

The number of inquiries for custom designed sweaters from men never ceases to surprise me. Far more than half of my customers are men who want sweaters to be custom designed and knitted to their exact specifications. Whether it's a childhood favorite design or a sweater worn by a certain television hero from many years ago, a design to be worn in a play or to celebrate a special project at work or to appear at a charitable event, gentlemen request a widely varied spectrum of custom knit sweater designs.

If your favorite rock star played lead guitar forty years ago, yes, you can have a sweater just like the one he wore on the group's album cover. If your favorite tennis hero wore a white v-neck pullover vest with purple and dark green stripes, yes, you can have one just like it to wear on the courts next summer. A varsity letterman sweater like the one you had in college, but lost the last time you moved? No problem.

When you are ready to place an order for your own sweater design, I will be happy to take your order.

Letterman Sweater Designs

A private high school was planning a project last summer which included a large glass showcase at the school's main entrance, filled with alumni artifacts from the early years of the school. One of the principal's assistants called me and asked if I would be willing to recreate the two different Letterman Sweater designs which had been worn by the school's students in the 1950's. The dark red sweater with the California gold stripes was worn by all of the student body and staff. The white sweater was awarded only to the school's athletes. The principal's assistant supplied copies of the actual yearbook photos and sent me the actual school embroidered letter patches, which were sewn later onto the surface of the white sweater, after the knitting was completed.

sweater designs for men - custom knit sweaters

Sweater designs for men - letterman sweater designs

It was great fun working on this project, especially as the high school happened to be nearby where I live in New Jersey. When the sweaters were finished, the customer took the athlete's Letterman Sweater to a tailor and had the actual letter sewn onto the surface of the sweater. Here is a closeup photo of the white sweater with the actual letter attached to it:

athlete letterman sweater designs for men - custom knit sweaters

Athlete letterman sweater designs for men - custom knit sweaters

Horror Film Replicas

This red and green striped pullover sweater was ordered by a customer who is a horror film aficionado. The style, called "Bold Stripes", is very similar to the one worn by the main actor in this series of horror films. I did my very best to copy the stripe pattern from a photo which the customer sent to me.

horror film replica sweater designs for men - custom knit sweaters

Horror film replica sweater designs for men - bold stripes

The customer was so excited when he received his custom design sweater! Here's what he said: "I got it today, and it is amazing. You have outdone yourself :) The fit is better than I expected. I'm sad to say this may be the last sweater I ever need to order, lol. Thank you so much!" Jeff A.

Another customer also requested this same sweater design, this time to put on a mannequin as part of a display for his Halloween decorations. He was so pleased with his new custom knitted sweater that he wrote to me twice, once when he received the sweater and again when Halloween rolled around and he actually set up the mannequin. He said, "I got the sweater yesterday Susan. It is lovely just as I expected. Thanks for doing such a great job and for doing it so quickly! I won't even pretend to understand how you MADE that but it came out great and it is exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much!!" Tharren P.

And then again, later in the season, he wrote "Just so you know, the sweater came out great (as I already told you) and LOOKS great on my Freddy. This is what I have been wanting for a while and it is perfect! Thanks again!" Tharren P.

Unique, One-of-a-Kind Sweaters for Men

Over the years, I have designed dozens of unique, one-of-a-kind sweaters for men to wear to parties, to conventions, and to special occasions like holiday gatherings or bachelor parties. I have also designed sweaters to be given as gifts, some of them as jokes. One sweater design really stands out in my mind; it was a sweater which had a huge flag of North Carolina on the back of it, and a big hole in the front under the arm - it was given as a "joke gift" to a gentleman by his fellow club members. Apparently, there were tired of seeing him wear the same ratty old sweater, meeting after meeting, so they "replaced" it for him. This flag of North Carolina is an accurate reproduction of the State's flag, and is all hand embroidered.

unique sweater designs for men - one-of-a-kind custom knit sweaters

Flag of North Carolina on back of one-of-a-kind knit sweater

College Sweaters

Last summer I got a telephone call from a woman in California who was planning a 50th anniversary party for her parents. She wanted to order something special for them, comfortable for the California climate and durable, to last a long time. To surprise them, she ordered these two College Sweaters, one for her father and one for her mother. They were so touched by her thoughtfulness! Imagine how pleased the two of them must be to wear their sweaters, so happy together.

college sweater designs for men - custom knit sweaters

College sweater designs for men

Musician Replica Sweaters

Sometimes, I get special requests from people who want a sweater similar to the one worn by a favorite rock star. They send me a drawing or a photo, and I do my best to duplicate the style and specific design of the sweater. Here's a sweater which a young woman wanted to give to her boyfriend as a surprise gift. It is designed to be similar to one worn by a musician from the 1970's:

Musician sweater designs for men - custom knit sweaters

Musician sweater designs for men

Look closely at the photo - I do all of the photography work on this website, and I'm afraid this isn't the best picture. The long, blue sleeves are folded over the front of the sweater. If you look carefully near the bottom, you can see the blue cuffs.

Here's what my customer said when she received her custom design sweater: "“I have returned from my trip. My boyfriend loved the sweater. He was definitely surprised. He said "I cant wait for sweater season" he is exited about wearing it. Thank you again for making this surprise for him possible.” Nydia R.

Several months later, I got another request from a different customer for this same design, this time as a cropped short sleeve pullover sweater for a woman. Notice the shorter, fitted style of the sweater, color red hot, with poplin blue deep ribbing at the bottom edge and with roll-up sleeves, designed to be worn over a long-sleeve teeshirt. It was a Mother's Day gift from a gentleman whose wife is a devoted fan of this particular rock star.

I never did find out what "ZOSO" means.

Musician sweater designs for women - custom knit sweaters

Musician sweater designs for women

Company Logo Sweater

Sometimes, customers will request a custom knitted design with their company logo. Here is a sweater which I designed and knitted for a company in Florida. The colors are Yale blue, a deep and rich shade of royal blue, with sweet potato and pure white. Each crew member on the tour boat got one of these sweaters:

company logo sweater - custom knit sweaters for men

Company logo sweater

Football Sweaters

Football! Find me one man who doesn't like football, and I will buy you dinner. It seems like it's part of the male genetic code, this love of the sport. The sweater shown below was custom designed and knitted for a man who loves his fantasy football team. The colors, burgundy, ivory and gray, are the colors of his team. "DAWGS OF WAR" is prominently displayed across the front of the sweater. Imagine how surprised he was when his wife gave him this sweater as a gift! The finished sweater is a drop-shoulder v-neck pullover, roomy and casual, with solid burgundy back and sleeves, and with this bulldog motif on the front of the sweater.

football custom knit sweaters for men

Football custom knit sweaters for men

Sweaters for Costumes

Every Halloween, I get dozens of requests for sweaters which are to be worn as costumes. Usually they are requests for well-known comic strip heroes or characters from children's books. Here's one which I am sure you will recognize, a familiar bright red and white striped mock turtleneck with matching hat. Makes you wonder if they finally found him, doesn't it??

costume custom knit sweaters

Costume custom knit sweaters

Of course, it would not be complete without the matching oversized hat, with bright red pompom at the end:

costume custom knit sweaters hat

Costume custom knit sweaters hat

When he received it before Halloween this year, my customer was delighted. He said, "Susan I got it on Monday, And it is perfect! I love it! Thank you so much. This is going to be the greatest Halloween ever. Thanks to you excellent craftmanship." Chris C.

Children's Show Themed Sweaters

Do you recognize the sweater design shown below? Hand knitted in bright colors - cayenne (a shade of fire engine red), Yale blue (a deep and rich shade of royal blue), daffodil yellow and pure white - the sweater is distinctive in the way the stripes blend from the shoulders down into the sleeves, with no interruption, down into the cuffs. The sweater in the photo is a men's size extra-large, although it is copied from a sweater originally worn by a certain television character popular among children who is, shall we say, a little smaller than a men's size extra-large.

Perfect for a party or to delight the children in your life, or just to wear and enjoy as a reminder of simpler times, a sweater such as this unique hand knitted design will make a wonderful, cherished gift, so very thoughtful and different from the usual type of gifts given for birthays or holidays.

children's show custom knit sweaters

Children's show custom knit sweaters

The gentleman for whom this sweater was knitted was delighted with his new sweater. Here's what he said after he received it: "Susan, it's awesome. It's exactly, exactly what I hoped for. You matched up the lines even better than they do with the real thing. On the Muppet, where the lines meet form triangles at the shoulder. You managed to make them match perfectly and still have the stripes not too big/not too small. Everybody has been impressed with the workmanship. I'll keep your cards in my wallet for when people inevitably ask me where I got it. Thanks so much." Stephen F.

Mosaic Custom Knit Sweater

A gentleman requested a colorful cardigan sweater with a "windowpane" motif to be designed and knitted for him, with a shirt-type of collar and buttons down the front (cardigan style). I custom designed this sweater in a mosaic of bright, cheerful colors, each surrounded with black, for a dramatic and colorful design. This type of knitting is labor intensive and very time consuming, but the overall effect was worth it. He was delighted.

mosaic custom knit sweaters

Mosaic custom knit sweaters

Promotional Knitted Products

Not all of my promotional designs are sweaters. Here is a photo of a hat with a company name knitted into the design, which I knitted for a surprise birthday party for the company's president:

promotional knitted hat

Promotional knitted hat

Below is a close-up photo of the "Cable U" logo which I knitted into the front of a black pullover sweater. "Cable U" is an up-and-coming new television company in Long Island, New York. The owner of this television company wore his custom design sweater to a convention, where everyone who saw him saw the name of his company, too.

promotional pullover sweater

Promotional knitted pullover sweater

Unusual Knitted Items

While most of my customers want to have sweaters and/or matching hats designed and knitted for them, sometimes I get unusual requests as well. Here's a photo of a custom designed, hand knitted bar stool pillow, given by a young man to his girlfriend on her birthday. Zarela was so surprised when she opened up her gift! Last I heard, she takes it with her every time she goes out with her friends. It's a great conversation piece.

knitted bar stool pillow

Knitted bar stool pillow

Here is another example of an unusual request - the briefs shown in the photos below were designed to be worn by a gentleman as part of a Halloween costume, over tights (and underneath a cape!). The customer described to me exactly what he wanted, submitted a sketch with measurements, etc., and together, we came up with designs for these striped briefs. Knitted from pure cotton, these briefs are designed to be comfortable, but are not designed to be worn as undergarments.

knitted briefs
Custom knitted briefs

knitted striped briefs
Knitted striped briefs

I hope that this page has amused and inspired you, and given you plenty of ideas about your own custom design sweater. When you are ready to order your sweater, send me an email and we will get started!

Please feel free to ask questions; don't be shy - people ask me questions all the time about custom knitted sweater designs. I will be glad to help you pick out colors and suggest a style or two, and help in whatever way I can to make you custom knitted sweater the perfect garment, the one you always hoped you would be able to find.