Custom Knitted Sweaters for Musicians - Personalized Designs for their Fans

Performing artists - musicians, rock-n-roll guitarists, and other on stage performers - are a joy to us all. Whether you are a well-known musician or just starting out, you understand that recognition by your fans is key. Your on-stage "presence" - that visual appearance which makes you stand out, different from other performers - is so important. A distinctive and unique custom made sweater can quickly become well-known as part of your persona, giving you instant recognition. Everyone knows the Zoso sweater worn by Jimmy Paige, and the black Cheap Trick sweater with the blurry, upside down white letters.

A custom designed sweater is a wonderful thing. You can have a sweater made to reflect your type of music or other art form, in your favorite colors, to fit you the way you want - cropped and very short and tight, or extra loose and wide, striped or patterned, however you want it. Pure cotton is washable and comfortable year-round, especially under hot on-stage lights.

Personalized and custom knitted, no two designs are ever the same. To order a one of a kind sweater, please email me with ideas for your design, and we can discuss what you want.

Music Themed Sweater

Remember this album cover?

For those of us who are devoted fans of our favorite musicians, wearing a music-themed sweater can be a fun experience. Sweaters can be designed like the ones worn by your favorite rock legend, or designed like a music album cover, etc. They make wonderful gifts, too.

custom knitted sweaters for musicians - personalized designs for their fans

Custom knitted sweaters for musicians - personalized designs for their fans

My customer, who had ordered this sweater as a gift for her husband, had this to say when she received the sweater: "Hi Susan, I just got my sweater and I am speechless! It is beautiful! I can't wait to show it off and will be sure to contact you next time I need a sweater. Thank you very much!" Mackenzie G.

Personalized Music Themed Sweater

This sweater is one of the hardest, and most interesting, sweaters I've ever knitted. The original was worn by Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick. My customer, a collector and serious musician, wanted a similar sweater - but note the guitar, which is an accurate replica of my customer's own favorite guitar. I love personalized designs!

custom knitted sweaters for musicians - Personalized custom knitted sweater for musician
Personalized custom knitted sweater for musician

Custom knitted sweater for musician personalized for fan
Custom knitted sweater for musician personalized for fan

I worked closely with my customer every step of the way on this intricate design. Here's what he had to say when he received his sweater: "I just wanted to let you know the sweater arrived today and it is gorgeous, you did a fantastic job. The size is perfect too. Everyone at the office was very impressed, (we have some artistic inclined individuals too). I passed out two of your business cards. Thanks again for your enthusiasm and your professionalism, it shows in the quality of the sweater." Tim V.

Personalized Female Muscian Sweater

Occasionally, I get an interesting request such as this one. The customer, a lady from California, is a singer in an all-girl band called "Cheap Chick"! As a performer, she understands the importance of what she wears on-stage. The tapered shape of this sweater, trim and close-fitting with a deep v-neck, was carefully tailored to my customer's measurements for a feminine fit.

custom knitted sweaters for female musicians

Custom knitted sweaters for female musicians

Here's what my customer had to say when she received her new sweater: Gorgeous sweater! Thank you!! Great quality, design and originality." Victoria L.

Custom Knits for Artists

This iconic sweater is one of my customers' favorites. Worn by the legendary rocker Jimmy Paige, it became a widely-known, well recognized part of his on-stage presence. The sweater can be designed to be just like the very short, cropped, tight-fitting short sleeve pullover worn by Jimmy Paige, as shown below.  Or, it can be designed as a standard long or short sleeve v-neck pullover - the choice is yours.

custom knits for artists

Custom knits for artists

One of my customers wore his Zoso sweater to a concert in Germany, and got there early, to be right in front of the stage. He said the reaction of the band when they saw the sweater on him was priceless, worth every penny.

Another customer said this when he received his Zoso design, in the fall of 2013:

"Hello Susan - I was out of town until yesterday. So I just saw the zoso sweater. It is so nice I can hardly believe it. It's a perfect fit too. Thank you very much. I may have to order a second one - I work out of town, so I may want one for over there too! You are a genius with sweaters." Mark K.  

Mark K. ordered a second sweater, just like the first one.

Because each of the custom designs on this page is so unique and highly personalized, prices will vary from one design to another. Please send me an email with ideas for your own custom design, and we can get started!