Favorite Styles

Who invented sweaters? At some point in the far distant past, an observant sheep farmer (or more likely, his wife) must have looked at the sheep and thought, "Gee, if I had a wool coat like those sheep, I would be nice and warm right now, instead of shivering." The first custom designed sweater was undoubtedly a rough and poorly-fitting affair, maybe too short and with large openings for the arms instead of sleeves, but also a big improvement over trying to fashion clothing out of leather or furs.

Knitting was invented in several different parts of the world at around the same time, along with weaving. From the first woman who realized that you could spin natural fibers into long strands of yarn, to the man sitting by the fire during the long winter evenings, idly whittling pointed sticks for his wife to use in working the yarn into fabric, humans in many different parts of the world came to the realization at about the same time that hey, this isn't just a way to pass the time - it's a big step forward in creating comfortable clothing. Each generation of knitters has improved their craft and passed the skill on to the next generation. Today, we see beautiful examples of knitting in museums and in the finest clothing stores.

And that brings me to you.

There are many custom sweater designs for which I hear requests over and over. I have grouped them together here on this page, as my "Favorite Sweater Styles". These are hand knitted wonders, the backbone of any wardrobe, beautiful and enduring styles which you can keep and treasure for years, wearing them as your own personal heirloom designs.

For your convenience, I have divided this Favorite Styles section into three sections:

In the section "School Spirit Sweaters - Letterman Sweaters", you will find designs like the College Sweater and the Varsity Letterman Sweater, true classics which are ordered not just by current college students, but also by college graduates in their 40's and 50's and beyond. Did you earn your own letter while at school? The Letter Sweater is designed to be knitted in the colors of your school or sports team, with your own letter to be sewn onto the fabric of the sweater after it has been knitted.

The vintage classic pullover letter sweater with drop-shoulder style sleeves, a boat neck neckline and a single large initial letter on the front has just about disappeared from campus book stores, but you can still find one here. Don't miss seeing the Vintage College Letter Sweater.

A School Sweater makes a wonderful keepsake, knitted just for you in your school's colors, with your own initial monogram on the front. Wear your alma mater's colors proudly! Also a good choice is the School Spirit Sweater, a pullover sweater with a single letter on the center front.

For something a little different, try the Fraternity Sweater, with its extra-long length and deep v-neckline, and stripes on both sleeves instead of the traditional left sleeve only, or the Lady Letterman Sweater, an updated, fresh take on the classic college sweater, with a modified swing-style A-line shape and longer, flared sleeves. Ladies will also like the Varsity College Sweater, a longer length, trim-fitting fresh take on the classic varsity style sweaters, with stripes on the left sleeve, a single large initial letter, pockets and a personalized hand embroidered monogram.

In the section "Theme Sweaters - Custom Design Heirloom Sweaters", you will find "Wearable Art - The Heritage Sweater", a unique classic which is a truly special sweater design. You can tell your life's story in one knitted garment, with special motifs designed to represent different fields of interest. Each Heritage Sweater is completely unique, different from any other.

There are two American flag designs here, American Flag Sweater and American Flag - USA Logo, which are close to my heart. I designed both of these sweaters in 2001. It was a pleasure to create custom design flag sweaters. I am always proud to knit them for my customers, true American sweaters designed and hand knitted by an American designer. That's as it should be!

The classics are here, too - in the section "Classic Sweaters - Traditional Sweater Styles" you will find the Classic Cardigan and Classic Knitted Vest, two sweaters which everyone can use. If you're like me, you probably already have one or two cardigan sweaters in your closet at home. Do they fit you properly? Do you have to roll the sleeves up a couple of times to make them fit? Why not have a Classic Cardigan custom designed for yourself with sleeves that are the right length, and in your favorite color?

A best seller, the Classic Custom Sweater is the backbone of a good wardrobe. Two pockets, a casual fit with drop shoulder style sleeves, v-neck with buttons down the front and deeply ribbed cuffs - this sweater comes in so many sizes - from ladies size 2 to men's size xxx-large and beyond - and in 49 wonderful colors of medium weight cotton. Don't miss seeing this great classic hand knitted sweater.

The Knitted Duster Sweater Coat is a dramatic and striking piece for any woman's wardrobe. Toss it on over jeans and a teeshirt, add a scarf and heels, and you are set for the evening. Glamor doesn't get any easier than this, and it comes in 49 colors, and in any size.

A Custom Design Cardigan Sweater personalized for you to match your party dress or beautiful outfit, in your choice of 49 colors and in your choice of three sleeve lengths - where else are you going to find that? Elegant, classic and just your size, this is the sweater you have been hoping to find.

Also popular is the Comfort Fit Vest, which is slightly larger across the stomach area than everywhere else. The Comfort Fit Vest is a special design which looks like a standard vest, but utilizes a specific knitting technique that makes it possible for the stomach area to be a little bit looser, while not affecting any other part of the sweater. Instead of just buying the next larger size, which fits across the stomach but is loose everywhere else, why not have a sweater custom designed and knitted just for you, so that it will fit you properly?

You don't have to settle for what you can find at a department store - at this store, everything comes in your size.

I hope this page has provided you with many options and lots of information. If you see something you like, but would prefer to change the design a bit, maybe to make a sweater a little longer, change the style of the sleeves, or change the type of neckline, etc., then give me a call toll free at 1-888-797-1088, or send me an email, and we can get started on your own custom design sweater.  I will be glad to hear from you!