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Lost ManDon't you just hate it when you can't find something on the internet? I know that I do. Why does this happen? Well, the page you have requested either has been revised or is no longer available. (I'm always working on my website. The page you wanted to see has probably been revised or taken down altogether.)

But don't go - there's lots more here to see! Please visit one of the links below to see more hand knitted sweater styles, and hat and scarf styles, or to read more about having a custom knitted design created just for you!

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  • Custom Design Sweaters - Favorite Sweater Styles, which shows several customer favorites, the styles which are requested most often by my customers, complete with photos and information regarding sizes and color choices;
  • Custom Sweaters - One-of-a-Kind Sweaters, which shows other unique hand knitted sweater designs which have been requested over the years by customers like yourself, from around the world; and
  • Design Your Own Sweater, which shows different sample features such as sleeve styles, neckline styles, pockets, etc., and discusses yarn color options and how to make sure your new sweater fits you correctly.

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