Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering ordering a hand knitted custom design sweater, then you probably have a few questions. Here are some of the questions I hear most often from my customers:

What do the sweaters cost? The prices range from $295.00 for a completely plain one-color long sleeve 100% cotton pullover sweater, either crewneck or v-neck, with no design, and go up from there. Varsity and college style sweaters are approximately $325.00, some more, some less. The price for your own custom sweater will depend on how complex the design is, and how long it will take to knit. Wool sweaters are priced higher than cotton sweaters, because the yarn costs more.

How long will it take for my custom design sweater to be finished? There is generally a wait of about eight weeks, although it varies according to the time of year. My holiday season begins in early June, so please plan ahead if you want to wear your sweater during the holidays. Once I begin knitting the sweater, it will take approximately 4-5 days to complete, depending upon your own particular sweater design. When you place your order, your Order Confirmation will contain the exact delivery date.

Do I need to supply the pattern, or the yarn?  No, all of the patterns are written here at Custom Design Sweater Studio, and the yarn which is used comes from a yarn wholesale supplier, wound on cones which are specially used for machine knitting.  

Why are there no prices shown for some of the sweaters? The sweaters shown in the section Favorite Styles can each be ordered directly from their respective webpages; please scroll down to the bottom of the webpage to see the sizes, colors and other options, including the price for that sweater design. The sweaters shown in the One-of-a-Kind Sweaters and Design Your Own Sweater section were custom designed for individuals looking for something highly specialized and custom designed. Many of my customers are collectors, or performers, whose hand knitted designs are unusual and unique. If you see something you want, please feel free to email me and ask about it.

How do I pay for my order? Custom Design Sweater Studio accepts PayPal, personal checks, MasterCard, Visa, DiscoverCard and American Express. You can find out more about payments, including the 50% deposit required at the time the order is placed, at Store Policies.

What happens if the second payment is late?  When it is time to begin work on your order, I will send you an email to let you know. The second payment, 50% of the purchase price plus the shipping and handling, must be received before I will begin work on your order. If there is a delay in receiving your payment (i.e., if your credit card is "declined" or if you do not make the required PayPal payment), then I will put your order aside until I hear from you. I will attempt to contact you three times by email and/or by using the telephone number you provided on your order form.  It is possible that you may lose your place in the work schedule and be moved to the end of the line.  If I do not hear from you for six months, you will lose your deposit.

Do you do wholesale orders? No, there are no wholesale, bulk or large volume orders accepted. Because each item is made one at a time on a home knitting machine, it is not possible to produce large quantities of garments. I accept orders for up to ten sweaters, or twelve scarves, at a time. If your garments are identical, there may be a small discount.

Do you knit with wool yarn as well as cotton? Yes, in addition to the 100% pure medium weight cotton yarn, which comes in 141 beautiful colors and can be washed and dried, there is 100% pure Shetland-style wool available in 80 wonderful shades. This is a warm and lofty sport-type of yarn, with a burly, raspy finish to the fabric, like the vintage wool crewneck pullovers from the 1970's. Read this for more information about yarn colors. In addition, there is also supermerino wool, a dressier alternative with a flatter finish, lofty and warm, suitable to wear beneath a jacket or blazer on a freezing cold winter afternoon.  Supermerino wool comes in 37 colors. If there is something specific that you want, please ask. Prices vary according to the type of yarn used; all prices on the website are for the medium weight cotton yarn unless they say otherwise.