Hand Knitted Sweater - Custom Design Cardigan Sweaters

Hand Knitted Sweater - Custom Design Cardigan Sweaters. Now that you have found the perfect dress for that special occasion - what are you going to wear over it? You can spend hours at the mall searching for just the right little cardigan sweater - or you can have a sweater custom designed to go with your dress. This hand knitted pure cotton classic sweater comes in 49 gorgeous colors including pure white, shown below, and it is available in any and every size, and in your choice of sleeve lengths: long sleeves, three-quarter length sleeves, or half sleeves (to the elbow).

Held at the neck by a single pearl button, this hand knit has a fly-away front, hemmed bottom edge, three-quarter length wider sleeves with deeply hemmed sleeve cuffs, so you can adjust the sleeve length by folding them up or wearing them down, and narrow ribbed trim at the neckline and center front. Clean and simple, the elegant lines of this beautiful cardigan will add to, and not detract attention from, your beautiful outfit. It gives plenty of coverage in a cool air conditioned room or for a religious ceremony, and then you can toss it over the back of your chair as you dance the night away. It will be there to cover your shoulders when you step out later into the cooler evening air on your way home, or to the after-party.

In addition to the usual sizes "medium" or "large", it also comes in specific sizes, like ladies size 8, or junior 7. If you require a size which is not listed below, please email me. Machine wash/dry.

Your new pure cotton hand knit cardigan sweater will be custom knitted just for you in your choice of 49 beautiful colors. Feel free to send me a fabric swatch if you are trying to match a specific color. There will be a single pearl button at the neckline, as in the photo below, unless you would prefer to use a different color button, or a different type of closure, or no closure at all. In addition, there are many different ways this sweater design could be altered: we can put buttons all the way down the front, use ribbed edges, make the body longer or shorter, tighter or looser, etc. This is your custom knit design, so please don't hesitate to let me know your ideas and suggestions. Together, we will design a wonderful hand knitted cardigan for your special occasion.

hand knitted sweater - custom design cardigan sweaters

Hand knitted sweater - custom design cardigan sweaters

When you have a beautiful evening dress or outfit, you don't want to cover it up with the wrong garment.  You want to add to your appearance, not diminish it.  Wear your beautiful dress with a sweater that matches or coordinates with the colors in your dress. Have your custom design knitted exactly as you instruct, so you can feel the confidence that comes from knowing that you look your best. Choose below from different sleeve lengths: long sleeves, three-quarter length sleeves like those shown above, or half sleeves (to the elbow).

Neckline on Hand Knitted Sweater

The photo below shows the detailed finish on the neckline, the single half-ball pearl button, and trim down the center front of the sweater. The sweater is designed to provide plenty of coverage to your neck and shoulders, for wedding ceremonies, etc. Hand knitted and also assembled entirely by hand, your cardigan sweater will have no unfinished edges or little yarn ends dangling from the seams.

neckline hand knitted sweater - custom design cardigan sweaters

Neckline on hand knitted sweater

Hemmed Three-Quarter Length Sleeves

The photo below shows the widened, deeply hemmed three-quarter length sleeve cuffs, which can be worn as is, or turned up part of the way or all of the way, as you prefer. Also, you can see the detailed trim down the center front of the cardigan, with its perfectly straight stitching. It's the little details like this designer sleeve cuff that separate a pretty good design from a really good design, something you can enjoy wearing over and over.

sleeve cuffs hand knitted sweater - custom design cardigan sweaters

Sleeve cuffs on hand knitted sweater

How to Place Your Order

Custom Design Sweater Studio accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, as well as personal checks, money orders and PayPal.  A fifty percent deposit is due at the time an order is placed. (For example, a design which costs $300.00 will require a deposit of $150.00.)  The balance is due later, before the garment is being knitted. Full information regarding payments, deposits, customer privacy, wait times for delivery, shipping/handling, etc. is available at Store Policies.   If you have any questions, I am always here to help you toll free at 1-888-797-1088 or by email addressed to susan@customsweaters.com

There are a wide range of sizes available. Choose from the list of sizes, or select one as a "starting point", and send me an email to make whatever changes you want (extra length, wider across the shoulders or hips, etc.) No more tugging at sleeves that are too short, or folding up cuffs over and over to make them short enough. In addition to the sizes listed below, available are single sizes such as men's size 42 or ladies size 6, rather than "small" or "medium"; petite and junior sizes are also available.

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Hand Knitted Sweater - Custom Design Cardigan Sweaters

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