Sweaters for Tall or Hard-to-Fit Sizes

Have you ever wondered why men's clothing comes in so many more sizes than ladies' clothing? For instance, a man can buy a pair of pants in a certain length and with a certain waist circumference; a lady can only buy a generic "size 12" pair of pants. This is largely a result of the military, which produced men's uniforms in a wide variety of sizes during World War II. After the War, this trend continued. Even a man who is hard to fit was able to find a pair of pants in the right length and circumference.

The same is true of sweaters. Men's sweaters come in a variety of sizes, such as size 42, for instance. Ladies' sweaters come in "small, medium or large." This is fine if you happen to wear a small, medium or large. But what about if you are hard to fit, and don't fall into one of those categories? Some of us are taller, or more petite, or more round, than a generic size. If you are hard to fit, then you know what I am talking about. Instead of just buying the next larger size, why not have something custom knitted just for you?

I believe that every person deserves the dignity of garments that fit well. If you are tall, or petite, or perhaps a bit wider than you used to be, or just generally hard to fit, a custom design hand knitted sweater will fit you far better than something you can buy at the mall. A custom design sweater will be hand knitted to your specifications, giving an elegant and proportioned appearance.

Everyone Deserves Clothes That Fit!

If you have spent most of your life in clothing with sleeves that are too long, or pants which are too short, you know what I am talking about.

Everyone deserves the dignity of knowing that they look good, the confidence that comes from walking into a room knowing that your outfit is appropriate for the occasion, properly-fitting and maybe even elegant. There is nothing like the feeling that comes from seeing heads turn as you walk into a crowded party or wedding reception, while you look straight ahead, pretending not to notice.

The simplest party dress becomes a beautiful outfit when paired with the right sweater to go over it, in pure white or color coordinated to match your dress. Yes, it comes in your size.

A hand knitted, custom designed sweater is a fine investment. It will outlast anything you can buy at the mall, and will fit you far better than something mass produced. Here are some of the ways that a custom design hand knitted sweater is different from a generic-size sweater from the mall:

  • 49 beautiful yarn colors from which to choose (a total of 141 colors in all, just in case you need a special shade)
  • beautiful quality 100% cotton yarns, durable and soft; machine wash/dry
  • dozens of different features for your sweater design, such as V-neck, round neck, turtleneck, mock turtleneck, "shirt" collar, scoop neck, deep U-neck, ballet neck, shawl collar styles; hemmed, ribbed or scalloped bottom and cuff edgings; initial monograms; pockets
  • pullover, cardigan (button down) and vest styles
  • sizes to fit absolutely everyone, from most petite to largest sizes
  • personalized fit for tall or hard to fit sizes, at no extra charge, so you can add a little width to the body, lengthen the sleeves, or taper the waist, etc.
  • four different sleeve styles are available: set-in sleeve (the most popular style, found in most of today's fashions), raglan sleeve, drop-shoulder sleeve, and modified set-in sleeve.

sweaters for tall or hard-to-fit sizes

Sweaters for tall or hard-to-fit sizes

The above black and California gold striped sweater was custom knitted for a short, heavy-set woman; it has petite length sleeves and body, and has extra width in the body of the sweater, from one side seam to the other. Note the black side panels on either side of the sweater, a designer's trick which produces a slimming effect. The little honey bee design, hand embroidered and with two tiny black beads for eyes, has special significance. The sweater was a gift from a gentleman to his wife, and her knickname is "Honey Bee".

sweaters for tall or hard-to-fit sizes hand embroidered detail

Sweaters for tall or hard-to-fit sizes hand embroidered detail

petite sweaters for tall or hard-to-fit sizes

Petite sweaters for tall or hard-to-fit sizes

The above loden (forest green) and daffodil crewneck pullover sweater is a ladies' size 6 petite, with two inches of additional width across the body of the sweater. The extra width is completely undetectable when the sweater is worn. Two inches of additional width across the front and across the back will give you a total of four extra inches of width. If you've ever worn a piece of clothing that was too tight across the front/back, then you will understand how an additional four inches of circumference could make for a much more comfortable day!

A home knitting machine is narrower in its width than an industrial knitting machine. If you are considering a size extra-large (or any size larger) sweater, please note that due to their width, sweaters size extra-large and all sizes larger will be knitted in sections. The seaming of the sections is barely noticeable. Depending on the design of your particular sweater, it is sometimes possible to make the sections into part of the design, for instance as shown in the gold and black sweater in the above photo.

The photo shown below, a closeup of the neck and shoulders area of a ladies natural ivory v-neck hand knit size 3X cardigan sweater as seen from the back, shows what it will look like when the two sections of the sweater are seamed down the middle. The seam is truly barely noticeable.

extra large sweaters for tall or hard-to-fit sizes

Extra large sweaters for tall or hard-to-fit sizes