How to Order

You have an idea of a sweater you've always wanted to have custom knitted - but how do you get started? Whether you want a very long v-neck navy wool sweater with leather buttons, a burnt orange sweater with tiny bright red polka dots, a dramatic calf-length black sweater coat with extra-long, flared sleeves, or maybe a classic Letter Sweater in your school colors from your days at Vassar, Swarthmore or Tufts - whatever it is you want, your new sweater is here and waiting for you - all you have to do is order it.

Now that you are ready to have a custom knitted sweater designed - how do you proceed?

What's the first step?

There are couple of different ways to go:

1. If you see a sweater in the section Favorite Styles and it's exactly what you are looking for, you can order it directly from the webpage.

If you would like to make a change or two, for instance change the neckline from a crewneck to a v-neck or rolled neck, or put stripes on both sleeves rather than just on one sleeve, that's easy to do - please just ask me in the "Comments" section of the order form as you place your order.

2. If you are starting from an idea of your own, whether it's something you've always wanted, a re-creation of an old favorite or a sweater just like a photo you have seen, send me an email and ask me about your request. Here are some common questions:

"I want to copy my old sweater. Here's a photo - can you knit this for me?"

"My father has had his college letter patch for years, but not the school sweater. Can you knit a sweater in his school colors? I want to have the patch sewn on, and surprise him on his birthday."

"I can't find a beige three quarter sleeve jewelneck cardigan with a single button at the top to wear over my new dress. Can you make one for me in time for a wedding?"

"My daughter is on her school's basketball team, and I want to have a unique team sweater that no one else has, to wear to her games. Can you design this for me?"

"I am 6'5" tall and nothing I buy is long enough. Can you knit some sweater vests for me that will really fit?"

A wide range of sizes are available for your hand knitted sweater. Compare the sizes and measurements on the size chart, and select the size which fits you best, or we can make a few adjustments to create your own custom size.

You may want to look at Design Your Own Sweater for additional ideas for the sweater. This is where you will find different neckline choices, pocket styles, sleeve styles, etc. Photographs of yarn colors are also available.

Having trouble deciding what you want? Try this: take a piece of paper and a pen, and write down all of the details you want in your design, starting with the length, the sleeve length and neckline style choices, buttondown (cardigan) or pullover, etc. Then email me and let me know what kind of sweater you want.

Estimates are free, with no obligation. In your email, describe the sweater, and I will let you know how much it will cost, usually within 24 hours. Don't worry about getting every last detail right; this is just an estimate, We can continue to email back and forth until we get the details just right. If you have a photo or sketch, please attach it to the email.

Some people prefer a real conversation with a live person, rather than an email. Give me a call at 1-888-797-1088, and tell me about your custom design, and I will tell you how much it will cost. While I don't always answer the phone (especially if I am busy knitting), I always listen to each voice mail message. I will contact you and we can set up a time for our phone call.