Lady Letterman Sweater - Personalized Ladies College Sweater

Lady Letterman Sweater - Personalized Ladies College Sweater. Shown here in pure white 100% cotton, with bold stripes of maroon and California gold on the left sleeve, this personalized longer-length v-neck cardigan letterman-style sweater can be custom knitted in your choice of colors. The bottom and sleeve cuff edges are hemmed, making it dressier than most college sweaters. The modified swing-style A-line shape of the sweater allows the sweater to fall gently in graceful folds around the mid-hip. Two classic inset pockets with narrow tonal trim at the openings, a moderate v-neck with narrow trim and gold-rimmed mother-of-pearl buttons, and longer, gently flared sleeves all combine to make a truly feminine letterman sweater. Here's one college letterman-style sweater that doesn't look like you borrowed it from your boyfriend! Machine wash/dry.

Compare this hand knitted Lady Letterman Sweater to another style, the Letter Sweater, a classic man's vintage letterman style, and you will see the difference. The Lady Letterman Sweater is definitely feminine with its stylish shape and attitude, while the Letter Sweater is more classically masculine, like a "Richie Cunningham" cardigan, roomy and casual, with straight side seams, a longer, deeper v-neck and pockets, and deeply ribbed sleeve cuffs.

Do you have your own letter? An embroidered letter patch can easily be sewn onto the surface of the finished sweater, usually on the left side along with the sleeve stripes. Or, if you prefer, you can have your letter knitted right into the design of the sweater for a minimal additional charge.

The Lady Letterman Sweater will become more and more precious to you as time passes, becoming your own personal heirloom sweater. Have one custom knitted just for you in your choice of 49 beautiful colors. Choose your school's colors, or your personal favorite color combination.

Lady Letterman Sweater - personalized ladies college sweater

Lady Letterman Sweater - personalized ladies college sweater

Three bold stripes on the left sleeve proudly proclaim your achievements. You can choose to have one, two or three stripes on the sleeve, with one or more colors (see below for how to order).

Lady Letterman Sweater stripes - personalized ladies college sweater
Lady Letterman Sweater stripes

How to Place Your Order

Custom Design Sweater Studio accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, as well as personal checks, money orders and PayPal.  A fifty percent deposit is due at the time an order is placed. (For example, a design which costs $300.00 will require a deposit of $150.00.)  The balance is due later, before the garment is being knitted. Full information regarding payments, deposits, customer privacy, wait times for delivery, shipping/handling, etc. is available at Store Policies.   If you have any questions, I am always here to help you toll free at 1-888-797-1088 or by email addressed to

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Lady Letterman Sweater

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