Letter Sweater

Letter Sweater. Hand knitted from pure 100% cotton yarn in color "pure white", the sweater shown below has three stripes on the left sleeve: two in color "red hot", a deep, sophisticated shade of dark red, and the middle stripe in California gold. This v-neck cardigan Letter Sweater style is designed for the person who has an actual school letter, earned in sports competition or in other activities, and who wants an authentic, classic-styled Letter Sweater on which the letter can be sewn. This timeless classic style is found in countless movies and photos and has been worn for decades by students at the finest schools, colleges and universities. It can be knitted just for you in the colors of your alma mater. Machine wash/dry.

Customers often ask me about the style Varsity Letterman Sweater, saying that they like the handknit style, but don't need a letter knitted into the design, as they already have their own letter. For those customers, I have designed this Letter Sweater. Its clean, uncluttered lines and straight-forward design are sophisticated and enduring, with plenty of room to show off your own letter. The Letter Sweater will be designed and hand knitted just for you, and delivered to you as shown below, without a letter knitted into the design. Any local tailor or seamstress will be able to sew your actual letter onto the surface of the finished sweater for a minimal fee.

Your Letter Sweater will be custom knitted just for you in your choice of 49 beautiful colors. With so many colors from which to choose, you just might have trouble deciding which colors to use for your own hand-knitted design!

letter sweater - college letterman sweater

Letter sweater - college letterman sweater

Here's a photo of the finished sweater along with the actual letter which was provided to me by this customer, from a school in New Jersey. The customer chose to send me the letter so I could match the two colors of the stripes as closely as possible to the colors in the letter. You may choose to send me your actual letter, or not, as you wish. When the sweater was finished, I returned the letter to the customer along with the finished sweater.

letter sweater letter and stripes - college letterman sweater
Letter sweater - matching letter and stripes

Here is a closeup photo of the stripes on the sleeve of the sweater, in which you can see the fine quality of the cotton yarn used in the production of this hand knitted design:

letter sweater stripes - college letterman sweater
Letter sweater stripes

This photo shows the buttons used with the white fabric of the sweater. The buttons are round, and have a ridged surface on half of the button, while the other half of the button is completely smooth. They are an interesting addition to the overall appearance of the sweater. The buttons for your own design will vary, according to the colors which you choose for the sweater. I can select the buttons for you, or if you have a preference, you can tell me what type of buttons you would like.

letter sweater buttons - college letterman sweater
Letter sweater buttons

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Custom Design Sweater Studio accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, as well as personal checks, money orders and PayPal.  A fifty percent deposit is due at the time an order is placed. (For example, a design which costs $300.00 will require a deposit of $150.00.)  The balance is due later, before the garment is being knitted. Full information regarding payments, deposits, customer privacy, wait times for delivery, shipping/handling, etc. is available at Store Policies.   If you have any questions, I am always here to help you toll free at 1-888-797-1088 or by email addressed to susan@customsweaters.com

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Letter Sweater

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