Did you know that the first cardigan sweater was invented by a gentleman who had a broken arm? Legend has it that he could not bear to put on clothing over his head, so he took his favorite sweater and cut it up the front, and then used a belt to tie it closed. Let's hope his wife was not too angry when she saw all of her hard work sliced up the middle.

These days, handknitted sweaters are available in all sorts of styles, with buttons down the front, called a "cardigan" sweater, or as a pullover, and with a variety of necklines. We are all familiar with v-neck pullover sweaters and crewneck (round neck) pullover sweaters. There are many other types of necklines as well. I once knitted a turtleneck sweater for a customer which had a turtleneck which was 15.0 inches long; it was meant to be folded over three times instead of twice. Another time, I designed a hand knit sweater for a lady with a v-neckline which was so deep that it nearly came to the bottom edge of the sweater. Custom knitting is nice that way - you can get exactly what you want.

A hand knitted, custom design sweater is so much more than just a garment. It is an expression of your own personal style. Here's a chance for you to have something special designed and custom knitted just for you, a truly one-of-a-kind heirloom sweater, in your choice of colors and style. Your custom design hand knitted sweater is sure to become your favorite sweater.

There are many neckline styles shown below. I hope these photos provide you with inspiration and information, for your own hand knitted custom design.

Shawl Collar Pullover

hand knitted custom design sweaters - neckline styles

Knitted sweater shawl collar pullover neckline

Here is a shawl collar pullover, with its distinctive cross-over style of neckline. This neckline is luxuriously warm, and very distinctive when worn. The sweater above is knitted in color stone.

Shirt Collar Neckline

hand knitted custom design sweaters - shirt collar neckline style

Knitted sweater shirt collar neckline

This sweater has a "shirt collar" type of neckline, similar to the type of neckline found on fine Italian knits and on shirts and blouses. Unusual on a sweater, this type of neckline is difficult to knit, but has a trim and attractive appearance when hand stitched onto the sweater. It can be worn open, or buttoned all the way up to the neck. In the photo above, the shirt collar neckline is solid black, a dramatic contrast to the multi-colored design of this mosaic sweater.

Mock Turtleneck

hand knitted custom design sweaters - mock turtleneck neckline style

Knitted sweater mock turtleneck neckline

The mock turtleneck is a popular style, classic and beautiful. Shown here in color "natural ivory", with a single narrow solid black stripe, you can see how the neckline is narrow enough to lie flat against the neck, while still maintaining a comfortable fit. The mock turtleneck is a double-thick neckline, so that there are actually two layers of knitted fabric against the neck, folded over and stitched down.


hand knitted custom design sweaters - turtleneck neckline style

Knitted sweater turtleneck neckline

The turtleneck is also a popular style. A true turtleneck is a single layer which can be worn folded over once, or twice, against the backdrop of the sweater. In this closeup photo, the turtleneck is left extended so you can see its full length. This red turtleneck is 5 inches long. A standard turtleneck will be 4-6 inches long, depending on the size of the sweater, or can be custom knitted to be up to 11 inches long.

Stand-up Collar

hand knitted custom design sweaters - stand-up collar neckline style

Knitted sweater stand-up collar neckline

The stand-up collar, also called the "Jackie Kennedy collar", is a modified version of a mock turtleneck neckline. It is higher, wider and more shallow than a mock turtleneck, and instead of hugging the neck the way a mock turtleneck will do, it stands up and away from the neck. This is a very fashionable design feature. The sweater shown above is knitted in color willow green.

Standard Round Crewneck

hand knitted custom design sweaters - crewneck neckline style

Knitted sweater crewneck neckline

The standard round crewneck, shown in the above photo, is designed to be wide enough to be non-constricting and deep enough to fit easily over the head. This is the type of round neckline found on most pullover sweaters. The color of the sweater in this photo is medium grey.

Standard V-Neck

hand knitted custom design sweaters - v-neck neckline style

Knitted sweater v-neck neckline

The standard v-neck is shown here with a "banded" edge. A banded edge gives a smooth, flat, dressy appearance to the v-neckline, with a clean finish where the neck band is attached to the body of the sweater. The sweater in the photo above is knitted in dark grey. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you might recognize those colors!

Banded Finish

hand knitted custom design sweaters - banded neckline style

Knitted sweater banded neckline

A banded finish is available for a round neck pullover sweater, too. Here is a banded crewneck neckline, shown in color Copen, with a narrow stripe of dark beige. The banded finish is flat and smooth, rather than the usual sporty ribbed neckline. It adds a dressy touch to the sweater.

Scoop Neck Neckline

hand knitted custom design sweaters - scooped neckline style

Knitted sweater scoop neck neckline

Here is a scoop neck neckline, a classic finish for a ladies pullover sweater designed to be worn with or without a blouse underneath. The scoop neck can be as wide and deep as you want. The sweater shown above is knitted in color poplin.

Neckline styles are many, and are limited only by your imagination. If you don't see what you are looking for here, please just ask me. I will be happy to design something just for you!

There are a wide range of sizes available for your custom design sweater. Choose from the list of sizes, or have a custom size designed just for you. Please also take a look at the yarn colors available for your sweater design. With 49 beautiful yarn colors available, there is sure to be something to please everyone.

When you are ready to place your order for your own custom design sweater, you can place your order here.