When was the last time you had a sweater that had actual pockets? Been awhile, hasn't it? Large sweater manufacturers, looking for ways to save money, have just about stopped putting style features like pockets on sweaters. They are a time consuming project, and if not done correctly, they can give a lopsided effect to the sweater.

Pockets, large or small, can add a beautiful designer touch to a hand knitted sweater. They can be placed at the hip, the upper chest, or even at the upper arm on a sleeve. Pockets can be knitted in contrasting colors, or with contrasting trim at the top opening. An interesting button can add a finishing touch to your pocket, adding a unique touch to the custom design. I once designed a tiny little pocket on the bicep of one sleeve for a musician who often needed an extra guitar pick when he was performing; the little pocket was the perfect place to store a spare. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

There are different types of pockets available; many more exist, so if you have something special in mind, please just ask me.

Slit Pocket

hand knitted custom design sweaters - pockets

Knitted sweater piped slit pocket

Slit pocket with contrasting piped edging. When the pocket is closed, the piped edging barely shows. As you can see from the above photo, my two fingers are holding it open so you can see this designer detail. This type of pocket is usually placed on the front of the sweater, one or two pockets near the hips, or as a single pocket at the upper chest. The sweater shown above is knitted in sugar plum pink, with black piping around the pocket.

Patch Pocket

hand knitted custom design sweaters - patch pocket

Knitted sweater patch pocket

A patch pocket, shown here on the front of a cardigan sweater, is the type of pocket most often found in children's clothing. This pocket can be placed at the bottom front edge of the sweater near the hips, either by itself or in pairs (one on either side of the center of the sweater). A smaller version of the pocket could be placed on the upper chest of the sweater, or on the upper arm of the sleeve as a designer touch. Often, a single pocket with a decorative button can be a nice focal point of a design. The above sweater is knitted in Yale blue, a deep shade of royal blue.

Classic Pocket

hand knitted custom design sweaters - classic pocket

Knitted sweater classic pocket

A classic pocket is knitted right into the fabric of the sweater, and has a border at the top of the pocket which is usually, but not always, knitted in a contrasting color. The pocket on the sweater above is knitted right into the dark turquoise sweater, with a solid black border at the top. Classic pockets are difficult and time consuming to knit, but are definitely worth the effort. They are wonderful, and never wear out.

Buttoned Pocket

hand knitted custom design sweaters - button pocket

Knitted sweater button pocket

The buttoned pocket is a specialty type of pocket which will be custom designed for each specific type of sweater. The exact shape and dimensions of the pocket, as well as its placement, will depend on the sweater. Shown here on the upper arm of this children's design, the sweater was knitted in cayenne (bright, fire-engine red) and Yale blue, with a single round, bright yellow button, the pocket is square with a curved flap over it.

There are a wide range of sizes available for your custom design sweater. Choose from the list of sizes, or have a custom size designed just for you. Please also take a look at the yarn colors available for your sweater design. With 49 beautiful yarn colors available, there is sure to be something to please everyone.

When you are ready to place your order for your own custom design sweater, you can place your order here.