Sample Style Features

When I was a kid, I had a favorite sweater. It had a wide boatneck, and three-quarter length sleeves, and was striped in all different colors. How I loved that sweater! Stretchy and soft, so colorful - I would wear it, and then wait impatiently for it to come back from being washed so that I could wear it again. It went with every pair of pants I owned.

Here's your chance to have all of your favorite style features in one hand knitted sweater. A custom designed hand knit sweater can have your favorite neckline, bottom and cuff edges, tapering at the side seams or a little extra width across the hips, etc. You can have short sleeves, long sleeves, half-sleeves, cap sleeves, 3/4 length sleeves, or no sleeves at all - remember, any sweater can be redesigned into a vest or sleeveless shell.

Here are some examples of different style features which can be used for your new custom designed hand knitted sweater. Take a look through the various examples, and see which ones you like.

In addition to the photos on this page which show straight and tapered side seams and an example of an initial monogram, there are many other style features for your new sweater. For instance:

  • there are three different sleeve styles available: set-in sleeve (the most popular type of sleeve style commonly found in today’s garments); raglan sleeve style, and drop-shoulder sleeve style; also available is the sleeveless style (vest);
  • several different sleeve lengths are available, such as long sleeves, extra-long sleeves, three-quarter length sleeves, half-sleeves (also called elbow sleeves or ballet length sleeves), short sleeves, cap sleeves, as well as no sleeves at all (vest);
  • there are several different neckline styles are available, such as shawl collar, shirt collar, mock turtleneck, standard turtleneck, stand-up collar, rolled neckline, standard round crewneck, standard banded v-neck, standard banded crewneck and scoop neck;
  • bottom and cuff edges can be handled in several different ways, such as the standard ribbed bottom and cuff, a straight hemmed bottom edge, split hemmed bottom edge, picot hemmed bottom edge, rolled sleeve cuffs or tipped ribbing; and
  • there are four types of pockets available for your custom design sweater, the slit piped edge pocket, the patch pocket, the classic pocket and the button pocket

Monogram Initials

hand knitted custom design sweaters - monogram initials style features

Monogram initials style features

Monogram initials can be added to many sweaters, adding a personalized touch to your custom design. The initials "JJD" shown above are knitted in color Yale blue, against a tangerine background. Monogram initials can be small, like the ones in this photo (about 1.5 inches high), or they can be much larger, as large as you want.

Tapered Side Seams

hand knitted custom design sweaters - tapered side seams

Knitted sweater tapered side seams

Side seams, at either side of the sweater, can be gently tapered at the waist, as shown in the above photo, to give a slightly shaped, trim fit to the sweater. The fit will not be tight, but will not have any excess fabric around the middle to bunch up when you sit down. The sweater shown above, with the cello motif on the front, is knitted in baby blue.

Straight Side Seams

hand knitted custom design sweaters - straight side seams

Knitted sweater straigh side seams

Side seams can also be straight, with no shaping. This is the standard type of side seams; unless you tell me otherwise, your sweater with have straight side seams such as the ones shown in the above photo. The sweater shown in the above photo is knitted in color "cayenne", a bright, fire-engine shade of red, with a dark beige rhinoceros on the front.

There are a wide range of sizes available for your custom design sweater. Choose from the list of sizes, or have a custom size designed just for you. Please also take a look at the yarn colors available for your sweater design. With 49 beautiful yarn colors available, there is sure to be something to please everyone.

When you are ready to place your order for your own custom design sweater, you can place your order here.