School Spirit Sweaters – Letterman Sweaters

Remember the television show called “Happy Days”, in which Richie Cunningham wore a vintage off-white varsity letterman sweater, an oversized v-neck cardigan with three stripes on the left sleeve and his school letter on the front? You’d be surprised at how many people ask me if I can knit that sweater for them!

All of these designs can be customized to use your school colors. What better way to show your school spirit than to wear one of these designs to a football or basketball game, a meeting or other type of gathering. You can wear your School Spirit Sweater with pride, knowing that the colors will be recognizable to all who see you.

Varsity Letterman sweaters are personal heirlooms, cherished pieces of your own history which gain value as time passes. They are also just about impossible to find. If you’ve been looking around for a custom knitted school sweater which can be knitted in the colors of your alma mater, then you know what I mean.

If you have your own letter, a sweater can be designed just for you so that you can have the letter sewn onto the sweater after it is knitted. It’s not only college grads who purchase School Sweaters - I often get requests for sweaters to be given as gifts to older men and women, sometimes quite senior in age. A Varsity Sweater makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

Lady Letterman Sweater shows that a letterman-style sweater can be feminine and graceful. This modern, updated version of the vintage classic has a modified swing-style A-line shape and longer, flared sleeves. Also, Ladies Varsity Sweater has the stripes and letter of the traditional varsity design, but in a more scaled-down and subtle way, with narrower stripes on the sleeve and with the letter placed lower down on the sweater. Varsity College Sweater has a personalized, trim and slender fit, contrasting trim, stripes and a hand embroidered initial monogram, as well as extra length, if you want it (so nice over leggings and jeans).

If you’d like an updated version of the classic, traditional Letter Sweater, take a look at the Fraternity Sweater, which is a men's (or ladies') longer length v-neck cardigan, oversized but not slouchy, with an extra-deep v-neckline, pockets and a letter outlined in contrast color. 

Another updated, modern version of the more traditional look is the Monogram School Sweater, with its dressier hemmed bottom and sleeve cuffs edges, and initials monogram above one sleeve cuff.

The Vintage College Letter Sweater is a true American classic from the 1940's and 1950's which has all but disappeared from campus book stores. So hard to find - but you can have one designed just for you, in your school's colors and in the traditional boat neck style, right here.

Looking for a pullover sweater in your school’s colors? You can choose to have a sweater with a single large initial on the front, or you can have your sweater custom knitted with all of your school's initials across the front.