Size/Price Information

When you purchase a hand knitted custom designed sweater, you want to make sure that it fits properly. But how do you know what size to order? The best solution is to measure something that fits you, like a tee shirt, and then email the measurements to me. We will use those measurements as a starting point for designing your new sweater. This video demonstrates how easy it is to measure something that fits you.

If you would prefer to send me your garment so I can measure it for you (a clean, non-stretchy plain tee shirt works well), please pack it up and send it to me at this address: Mrs. Susan G. Feltman, Custom Design Sweater Studio, P.O. Box 73, Leonia, NJ 07605. I will photograph and measure your garment, and can either return it right away, or return it along with the new sweater when it is ready.

Please feel free to ask for adjustments to the measurements. For instance, if you are tall, you might ask for an additional two inches of length in the body and the sleeves. If you are short, you can have less length in the body and the sleeves. If you could use a little extra room across your middle, a special technique can be used to allow for a little extra width across the stomach area of a sweater in the front, while not changing the width of the back of the sweater. This technique is undetectable to anyone but the wearer.

As everyone knows, cotton sweaters do shrink when they are washed and dried the first time. Your custom designed sweater will be slightly larger and longer when you first receive it, to compensate for shrinkage. Wool sweaters will be knitted to the exact size.

All custom knitted sweaters will have standard set-in sleeves, unless you tell me otherwise. This is the usual type of sleeve found on most garments.  Here are examples of all of the sleeve styles.

Please note that all sweaters size extra-large or larger will be knitted in sections and seamed together vertically.  This is due to the width of a home knitting machine, which is not as wide as an industrial knitting machine. In many cases this seam can be incorporated into the pattern as another element of the design. Tall or hard-to-fit sizes contains more information and a photo showing an example of this technique.


To measure width:  measure straight across the chest from one side to the other below the sleeves. 
To measure length:  measure straight down from the shoulder (close to the neckline) to the bottom edge.
To measure sleeve length:  measure from the edge of the sleeve where it joins the shoulder, down to the wrist, along the top edge of the sleeve (not the bottom, underarm edge of the sleeve, which is shorter than the top edge). Include the cuff in your measurement.
To measure shoulder width:  measure from the outer edge of one shoulder (the point where the shoulder ends and the sleeve begins) straight across to the outer edge of the other shoulder.

Remember, every size can be adjusted to give you a personalized fit.


Sweaters for Ladies

  • Ladies' size x-small (2-4):       width 17.72 inches; length 23.75 inches; sleeve 22.5 inches
  • Ladies' size small (6-8):          width 18.72 inches; length 24.77 inches; sleeve 23.0 inches
  • Ladies' size medium (10-12):  width 19.97 inches; length 25.80 inches; sleeve 23.5 inches
  • Ladies' size large (14-16):      width 21.47 inches; length 26.31 inches; sleeve 24.0 inches
  • Ladies' size x-large (18-20):   width 22.96 inches; length 27.34 inches; sleeve 24.5 inches
  • Ladies' plus size X:                 width 20.47 inches; length 27.09 inches; sleeve 23.5 inches
  • Ladies' plus size 1X:               width 22.46 inches; length 27.35 inches; sleeve 24.0 inches
  • Ladies' plus size 2X:               width 24.46 inches; length 27.86 inches; sleeve 24.5 inches
  • Ladies' plus size 3X:               width 26.46 inches; length 28.12 inches; sleeve 25.0 inches
  • Ladies' plus size 4X:               width 28.45 inches; length 28.64 inches; sleeve 25.5 inches
  • Ladies' plus size 5X:               width 30.45 inches; length 28.64 inches; sleeve 25.75 inches

Ladies' Petite sizes 2-18 and Junior sizes 3-15 are also available

In addition, ladies may order a more specific size, for instance, a size 10 rather than a size medium (10-12). Standard measurements for any size are available upon request.

Sweaters for Men

  • Men's size extra small (32):     width 16.97  inches; length 24.80 inches; sleeve 23.50 inches
  • Men's size small (34-36):         width 18.47 inches; length 25.31 inches; sleeve 24.50 inches
  • Men's size medium (38-40):     width 20.47 inches; length 25.82 inches; sleeve 26.00 inches
  • Men's size large (42-44):          width 22.46 inches; length 26.21 inches; sleeve 26.25 inches
  • Men's size x-large (46-48):       width 24.46 inches; length 26.47 inches; sleeve 26.50 inches
  • Men's size xx-large (50):           width 25.46 inches; length 26.60 inches; sleeve 26.50 inches
  • Men's size xxx-large (52):         width 26.46 inches; length 27.00 inches; sleeve 26.70 inches