Sleeve Lengths

If you're like me, you've put on a few pounds since you were younger. In order to buy a sweater that buttons over your mid-section, do you need to buy a larger size? If so, then you are familiar with the scenario where your sweater fits, but the sleeves hang down over your hands! This is not an elegant sight. Do you fold up the cuffs, or push up the sleeves, hoping no one will notice? We've all been there.

Here is your chance to have a custom design sweater hand knitted just for you, with your exact sleeve length. If you want long sleeves, or three-quarter length sleeves, that's fine. Or, you could have half-sleeves (also called elbow-length sleeves, or ballet sleeves), or classic short sleeves, cap sleeves or no sleeves at all (sleeveless). You also can choose to have the sleeve length custom designed to fit your exact measurements.

Designed and hand-knitted just for you, your custom knitted sweater is about to become your favorite sweater. The sleeve length will be comfortable and have a nice appearance, as you intend it to be. You won't find yourself pushing these sleeves up all day long, or folding them at the cuff to stay out of your way when you are working. Instead, the sleeve length will be just right. You can choose from one of the sleeve lengths styles shown on this page, such as "I'd like three-quarter length sleeves", or you can give me an exact measurement, such as "long sleeves to be exactly 22.25 inch in length".

Here are the sleeve length choices available:

  • long sleeves
  • extra-long sleeves, slightly flared from the wrist down to the knuckles
  • three-quarter length sleeves
  • half-sleeves, also called elbow-length sleeves, ending just above the elbow
  • ballerina length sleeves, ending just below the elbow
  • short sleeves
  • cap sleeves
  • no sleeves (sleeveless, for a vest or shell)

If there is a specific sleeve length which you want, please ask me. In addition to the lengths listed above, you can specify an exact length for your custom hand knitted sweater.

Classic Long Sleeve

hand knitted custom design sweaters - sleeve lengths

Knitted custom design sweaters - long sleeves

Here are classic long sleeves. We are all familiar with this type of sleeves; they are found on most shirts and sweaters, the type you are most likely to find in clothing. The sweater above is knitted in color "red hot", with California gold stripes and letter "H" on the front. This is also a good example of a rollneck sweater, with set-in sleeves.

Flared Sleeves

hand knitted custom design sweaters - flared sleeves

Knitted custom design sweaters - flared sleeves

Here are longer, flared sleeves, which reach down to the knuckles instead of ending at the wrists, as most long sleeves do. These cuffs are knitted in contrast color "purple passion" and are hemmed, with a slight widening of the wrist opening to create the flared effect. Longer flared cuffs can also be the same color are the rest of the sleeve, without the contrast color at the hemmed edge. The main color of this sweater is "charcoal"; there is a tiny purple passion pocket, called a "patch pocket", and fancy dark red and silver buttons.

Three-Quarter Length Sleeves

hand knitted custom design sweaters - three-quarter length sleeves

Knitted sweaters - three-quarter length sleeves

These are three-quarter length sleeves. We are all familiar with this style sleeve, which ends half-way between the elbow and the wrist. It is a comfortable and fashionable alternative to classic long sleeves. The color of the sweater in this design is soldier blue, a beautiful shade of blue that is a bit brighter than navy. The snowman is wearing a lilac and baby blue scarf, with a "red hot" and pure white Santa hat. If you look closely, you can just make out the bright orange carrot nose.

Half Sleeves

hand knitted custom design sweaters - half length sleeves

Knitted sweaters - half length sleeves

Half sleeves, also called elbow length sleeves, come to the elbow, stopping just short of the bend in the arm, and are tapered for a close fit which will not gap at the elbow. The sweater shown above is a black v-neck bolero jacket, designed to be worn over a black and white party dress for a customer who was going on a cruise and needed "a little something" to toss over her shoulders when the sun went down. Half sleeves are a good choice for warmer weather, and are the perfect choice when you want something a little different from three-quarter length sleeves.

Short Sleeves

hand knitted custom design sweaters - short sleeves

Hand knitted sweaters - short sleeves

We are all familiar with short sleeves. The short sleeves shown in the above photo come half-way between the elbow and shoulder, and have a close, but not tight or constricting, fit to them. The edges of these short sleeves are rolled edges; this particular design was for a young woman who wanted to wear the sweater over a long-sleeve teeshirt. Short sleeves most often have a hemmed or ribbed edge to them. They are a practical and comfortable choice for spring and summer sweaters. This sweater is baby blue and red hot, a sophisticated darker shade of red.

Cap Sleeves

hand knitted custom design sweaters - cap sleeves

Hand knitted sweaters - cap sleeves

These are cap sleeves, the shortest type of short sleeves. Cap sleeves are minimal in length (the ones in this photo are 3.5 inches long at the underarm area) and are a design feature which can be used on a bolero sweater such as this pure white bolero, or on a sweater which will be worn alone or over a long-sleeve teeshirt. Cap sleeves are a fun and attractive design feature, which can be designed like these, or to be even shorter, as short as 1.0 inch long at the underarm area.


hand knitted custom design sweaters - sleeveless

Sleeveless knitted sweaters - vests and shells

Sleeveless sweaters are also known as "vests" or "shells". This sleeveless, scoop neck pullover vest was designed and knitted for a toddler whose last name begins with "Q", for his birthday party family photos. Any sweater design can be made into a vest. Standard ribbed edges at the armhole openings are usually 1.0 inches wide, but for a ladies sleeveless sweater which will be worn alone, the trim at the edge could be very narrow, for a dressy, elegant look. The vest shown above is knitted in color "dark beige", with a solid black initial monogram "Q".