Sleeve Styles

A hand knitted, custom design sweater is more than just a garment. It is an expression of your own personal style. Maybe you love v-neck cardigan sweaters, with interesting and eye-catching buttons, or maybe you have always loved hand-knitted raglan sleeve crewneck pullover sweaters, for their vintage look. Here's a chance for you to have something special designed and custom knitted just for you, a truly one-of-a-kind heirloom sweater, in your choice of colors and style. Every detail will be exactly as you choose, including the type of sleeve. The way a sleeve fits can change everything about the over-all appearance of a sweater, from the drop-shoulder sleeve style, with its roomy "weekend" look, to the contemporary set-in style sleeve, with its tailored and slightly-fitted appearance.

There are three different sleeve styles available for your custom designed, hand knitted sweater. Pick your favorite!

Set-in Sleeve Style

Set-in sleeve style: Set-in sleeves are tailored and somewhat fitted, like a good quality blouse or dress shirt. This sleeve style fits more closely than the other styles, following the curve of the arm and shoulder, without being tight. If you are unsure of what sleeve style to choose, this is a good choice. Set-in sleeves are the most common style of sleeves found in contemporary clothing. The sweater shown below is knitted in colors Yale blue and pure white.

hand knitted custom design sweaters - sleeves styles

Hand knitted custom design sweaters set-in sleeves

Raglan Sleeves

Raglan sleeve style: Raglan sleeves are shaped with a diagonal line that starts at the underarm and goes up towards the neckline. This type of sleeve is not as tailored as the set-in style sleeve, as it does not follow the natural curve of the underarm, but is just as attractive. It is a fashionable alternative to the set-in style sleeve and is often used in contemporary styles as seen in different designers' collections. It is also a good choice if you have narrow shoulders or shoulders which tend to slant. The sweater shown below is knitted in soldier blue, a shade of dark blue which is similar to navy, but a bit brighter and lighter.

hand knitted custom design sweaters - raglan sleeves

Hand knitted sweaters - raglan sleeves

Dropped Shoulder Sleeves

Drop shoulder sleeve style: Drop shoulder sleeves have a roomy and casual fit, like a sweatshirt. This is the most relaxed shape of these sleeve styles, with minimal shaping at the seam where the sleeve joins the body of the sweater. Drop shoulder style sleeves are great for all sizes, for ladies and men as well as children, for a casual, "weekend" type of sweater. You can see clearly in the photo below how the light-colored sleeves join the dark red body in a single long, straight line, with no curve to the seam at all. The sweater shown below was knitted many years ago as a sample to be used by a sweater manufacturer in North Carolina; the colors are red hot and natural.

hand knitted custom design sweaters - drop shoulder sleeves

Knitted sweaters - drop shoulder sleeves


Sleeveless style: Not every sweater has sleeves, of course. Classic vest armhole openings, as shown in the photo below, are curved to allow for a close, trim fit, and are finished with ribbed edges. A classic vest which fits properly will lie flat against your body, and not gap. The vest shown in the photo below is knitted in color "purple passion".

hand knitted custom design sweaters - sleeveless

Sleeveless knitted sweaters - vests and shells

Please note: unless you tell me otherwise,

I will use set-in sleeves for your custom designed sweater.

There are a wide range of sizes available for your custom design sweater. Choose from the list of sizes, or have a custom size designed just for you. Please also take a look at the yarn colors available for your sweater design. With 49 beautiful yarn colors available, there is sure to be something to please everyone.

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