Design Your Own Sweater

Design Your Own Sweater. Ever wish you could walk into a store and find every sweater available in your size, in your favorite color and with all of the style features you love? It's time you and I had a little talk.

A custom designed sweater is a wonderful thing. It is the knitwear equivalent of having a fine tailor personalize your suit. You can have the design adjusted so that the sleeves are not too long or too short, and the middle will button easily over your hips; the length can be as long or as short as you wish. So, for all of you who are tall or short, slender or not-so-slender, with wider or narrower shoulders, a rounded middle, shorter stature or however else you may be hard to fit, I want you to know that you don’t have to settle for whatever sweaters you can find at the mall – in this store, everything comes in your size.

You can copy a favorite old sweater, too - have a custom knitted replica made. Some of us are quite attached to our old sweaters. You don't have to give it away when it is too old to wear any more - have another one made just like it.

Your new original, heirloom quality custom design sweater will become your personal favorite, the sweater you reach for again and again, the one you take on vacation and bring with you on a date. Not just another sweater, this personalized custom design takes it to the next level. As you will see, it's all about the size and the fit, the color choices and the style:

1. The Size and the Fit. The size chart shows measurements for each size. This is our "starting point". Select a standard size with measurements as shown, or make whatever changes you want, such as adding length to the sleeve and/or body. A slim, athletic fit will include a tapered waist and narrower sleeves; a standard fit will have straight sides and more room in the sleeves. For those with a slightly rounded tummy, the Comfort Fit Vest / Sweater gives a little more fabric over only the stomach area; the back of the sweater is not bigger. This technique is undetectable to anyone but the person wearing the sweater - no one else can tell.

2. The Color Choices. There are 49 beautiful colors of 100% pure cotton yarn from which to choose, and if you don't see what you need, please let me know - I will do my best to get it for you.  Shetland style wool is available in 80 colors; this is the burly, raspy, lofty wool of the 1970's crewneck pullovers, soft and very warm, just right on a blustery cold winter afternoon.  SuperMerino wool yarn is also available, in 37 colors. It produces a dressier and flatter knitted fabric than the Shetland style wool, and is lofty and warm, soft and durable.  All three types of yarn have been picked by me because of their durability and beautiful colors.  They make exceptional sweaters.

3. The Style. There are dozens of style features available to make your custom design sweater just right for you. Choose from:

  • favorite sleeve styles (set-in sleeves, raglan sleeves, drop-shoulder sleeves and sleeveless);
  • different sleeve lengths (long, extra-long and flared, three-quarter length, half sleeves, ballerina length, short sleeves, cap sleeves and sleeveless);
  • different neckline styles (shawl collar, shirt collar, mock turtleneck and true turtleneck, stand-up collar, round neckline and v-neckline, banded finish and scoop neckline);
  • bottom edge and cuff edge treatments (ribbed,  hemmed, split hem, picot hem, rolled edges and tipped ribbing); and
  • beautiful, detailed pocket styles (slit piped edge pockets, patch pockets, classic or buttoned pockets).

If you have questions about how to design your own sweater - questions about the fit, the style, which design options go together, which colors go together, or about anything else at all - I will do my best to answer promptly, courteously, and thoroughly. Send me an email, and we will get started on designing your own sweater!