Sweater Styles for Ladies - Custom Knit Sweater Design

Sweater styles for ladies are limited only by your imagination. Over the years, I've gotten just about every request you can think of. Short sweaters, long sweaters, sweaters that come to the knees or mid-calf, or that extend barely below the underarms - cap sleeves, short sleeves, elbow length sleeves, three-quarter length sleeves, long sleeves, belled longer sleeves with a flared shape, sleeves with a thumbhole opening - I think I've heard it all. Women do like variety in their clothing!

If you're like me, you are intrigued by the different shapes and styles, and need at least one new piece in your closet each fall. Darker colors are neutral and go with everything; they are always a safe bet for a new sweater. But where's your sense of adventure? Experiment with a new color, try a style you've never worn before. With a custom knitted design, you can be sure that the fit will be exactly as you want it.

You don't have to worry about a sweater that has a great sense of fashion style, but doesn't fit you correctly. In my store, everything comes in your size.

When you are ready to order your own custom knit sweater design, I will be happy to take your order.

Here are some photos of sweaters which I have knitted for ladies over the years. They show the wide variety of styles and colors that are available. Many of these women wrote to me after they received their sweaters, and I have included their comments below.

Crewneck Pullover Sweater

A customer who has a teenager at Trinity College asked if I would design something special for her to wear to the school's football games. I designed a navy crewneck pullover sweater for her with a round neckline and a hand embroidered, pure white and bright yellow bantam rooster, the school's mascot, on the center front of the sweater. There is another, smaller bantam rooster on the upper sleeve of the sweater, atop a piped edged pocket, which adds a playful sense of style to this hand knitted custom design. Sometimes a small detail like a pocket on a sleeve can truly set the design apart from the mass-produced synthetic women's sweaters you can buy in the school's bookstore.

sweater styles for ladies - custom knit sweater designs

Crewneck pullover sweater styles for ladies - custom knit sweater designs

The pocket, a piped-edged slit pocket edged in bright yellow, is located on the upper sleeve on the right hand side of the sweater. The photo below shows a close-up of the pocket and this version of the bantam rooster, which is much smaller than the one on the front of the sweater:

sweater styles for ladies - custom knit sweater pocket designs

Sweater styles for ladies - custom pocket designs

My customer was very pleased with her sweater. She wrote to me shortly after wearing it to a school football game and said, "Susan, I am such a star at the Trinity game. In fact the head coach came up to me and commented on how cool it looks. Thank you!"

Poka Dot Design

Polka dots are always in fashion. There is something about their style which just makes you happy to wear them. This recent design, with its hemmed bottom and sleeve cuffs edges, in colors fuschia and kelly green, went to a lady in Ohio, who was very happy to receive it. She told me after she wore it for the first time, "The weather turned in Cleveland and I just put my polka dot sweater on and I love it."

sweater styles for ladies - custom knit sweater poka dot designs

Sweater styles for ladies - custom poka dot designs

Custom Personalized Design

This design is one of my favorites. It was created for a professional cellist with the London Symphony Orchestra, as a surprise Christmas gift one year from her husband. The sweater is a round neck pullover sweater with long sleeves and a tapered waistline, and on the front of the sweater, about five inches tall, is a hand knitted cello, complete with carefully embroidered silver metallic "strings" on the instrument and the bow. This type of gift is so special - there is truly no other sweater like this, anywhere. She was delighted with her Christmas gift. Can you imagine her surprise as she opened up the gift and took the sweater out of the box, held it up and examined it ("Where did you find this sweater?"), and then realized that it had been custom knitted just for her?

sweater styles for ladies - custom knit sweater personalized designs

Sweater styles for ladies - custom personalized designs

Hand Embroidered Designs

Here's another custom design hand knitted sweater, which was designed for a woman whose son is on the crew team at an exclusive private school. The style is a simple crewneck pullover, with ribbed bottom edge and sleeve cuffs. The hand embroidered design on the front of the sweater shows the rowers hard at work, pulling against the current. She was the envy of the other mothers as she waited, cozy and warm in her sweater, standing near the side of the river in the early-morning fog.

sweater styles for ladies - custom knit sweater hand embroidered design

Sweater styles for ladies - hand embroidered design

The design on the sleeve is especially nice, with its hand embroidery. Here's a closer look:

sweater styles for ladies - custom hand embroidered design

Sweater styles for ladies - custom hand embroidered design

The design is a combination of work done on the home knitting machine, and hand embroidery. Here's what the customer said to me when she received her crew sweater:

"WOW !!!!! The sweater arrived yesterday just in time for our big regatta in Delaware at St. Andrew's. It fits just a tad roomy, but I imagine the first wash will fix that. It looks absolutely fabulous. 10 moms just had to know where it came from. I couldn't be more delighted. Is this a design that is now in your computer? If we wanted to offer one for a fund raiser next season, would you be able to recreate it? Thank you, again, Susan. Love it, Love it, Love it."

Custom Holiday Designs

Every year around the holidays, I get lots of requests for holiday designs for both men and women. Here's is a Chanukah design which I created especially for a woman in Rhode Island. Besides having a beautiful palette, solid black with a gold menorah and brightly colored lit candles, it says so much about the wearer, and Jewish culture, heritage and tradition. Hanukkah designs are so hard to find, especially nice ones which will last and last. This was a pleasure to design and knit.

sweater styles for ladies - custom hand knit holiday designs

Sweater styles for ladies - custom hand knit holiday designs

My customer wrote to me when she received her sweater, to tell me: "The sweater is beautiful. I am so pleased with it, I can't wait for Chanukkah so I can show it off. The cotton is so soft and I do not know how you did it, but the colors are perfect. I have sort of a redhead's complexion and the gold shade you used is the right one for me. Thanks for making this one for me - I will certainly be a repeat customer. "

Why would someone order a short sleeve sweater for Christmas? This lady lives in California. Every year, she told me, she looked for a Christmas sweater that would be suitable for the warm climate near Los Angeles, where she lives. She could never find something suitable in the department stores or boutiques nearby, so she asked to have a sweater designed just for her. Here is my response to her request, a short sleeve powder blue scoop neck pullover with a snowman design, hand embroidered and with little pearls scattered over the sweater as "snowflakes".

sweater styles for ladies - custom hand knit short sleeve sweater

Sweater styles for ladies - custom knit short sleeve sweater

My customer was delighted to have found a beautiful holiday sweater in a short sleeve style. She wrote to me after receiving the sweater, "RECEIVED SWEATER GREAT JOB IF I NEED ANY THING ELSE SPECIAL YOU WILL BE THE ONE THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH."

Custom Design Sweaters for Teachers

Often I get inquiries for custom design sweaters from grade school teachers. Once an elementary school teacher asked for a special design that would include a gingerbread man. It turns out that every year her class would put on a special play at Christmas, and one of the main characters in the play is a gingerbread man. She wanted something special to wear during rehearsals and at the play. The sweater needed to have good, basic colors in it, so it would coordinate with her skirts and blouses, as well as having a gingerbread man in the design. With its hand embroidered gingerbread man, complete with tiny little black beaded eyes and candy cane buttons, the design on this sweater delighted her, and her class.

sweater styles for ladies - custom sweaters for teachers

Sweater styles for ladies - custom sweaters for teachers

Here's what the teacher said to me, when she received her gingerbread man design: "Wanna know how much of a hit my sweater was? Ya knocked 'em dead! =0) They loved it! It was so fun to wear it! Thanks again."

Custom College Freshmen Ladies Sweater

I knitted this particular sweater for a college freshman a couple of years ago. She designed it herself, and presented me with the sketch of the finished design. This young lady loves oversized, brightly colored buttons, off-the-beaten-path color combinations, and also loves pockets of all shapes and sizes. Together, we chose the colors and picked out the buttons, special ordered just for her. The combination of charcoal gray, purple passion and bright red buttons delighted her.

sweater styles for ladies - custom knit college freshman sweaters

Sweater styles for ladies - custom knit college freshman sweaters

Here's what my customer had to say when she received her new sweater, with its shorter, cropped length, flared long sleeves, tiny patch pockets and hand crocheted neckline: "Thanks, Mom! It's really nice."

Geometric Custom Designs

Although my studio is in New Jersey, USA, I have customers from all over the world. Sometimes that can lead to some unusual requests. This is a design which I created for a customer from South Africa, to be used on a couple of sweaters which were gifts to his wife. The design has tribal significance to this gentleman. I knitted two sweaters for him, one in white with hand embroidered gray and black in the design, and the other black, with hand embroidered white and gray in the design. It was a pleasure to work on something which, in addition to its subtle palette and interesting geometric symmetry, had an importance because of the customer's culture and traditions.

sweater styles for ladies - custom geometric designs

Sweater styles for ladies - custom geometric designs

Here's another sweater which was designed and knitted for a teacher. Her husband wanted to surprise her on their anniversary. He requested a "hands" pattern, with each hand a different color, to represent the different children in her class.

You'll see that one of the hands is reaching down into the pocket. (That was my own idea - I do have a sense of humor.) From the alphabet borders to the multi-colored hands pattern, to the tiny hand painted pencil and blackboard buttons, this custom designed sweater style was a sheer pleasure to design and knit. When it looked like we were going to be running out of time, I worked through part of my vacation to finish up before the anniversary.

sweater styles for ladies - custom geometric designs

Sweater styles for ladies - custom geometric designs

Here's what the teacher's husband said to me when he received the sweater: "I have received the sweater, it is wonderful. I can hardly wait until Thursday to give my wife the present. Again thank you for working through your vacation to do this."

College Sweater Styles

Originally designed for children, this particular style, with its large single initial letter on the front chest, is very popular. Here is a version with a mock turtleneck and lacy, scalloped ribbing at the bottom and cuffs. It was knitted for a woman in New England many years ago, when I was first starting out as a designer. The style is called "College Sweater".

college sweater styles for ladies - custom knit sweater designs

College sweater styles for ladies - custom knit sweater designs

Recently, I knitted matching Varsity Letterman sweaters for twin teenage girls in Tennessee, just in time for an important football game. The bright orange color called "tangerine", used for the three stripes, the letter "T" and the lining of the set-in pocket, makes a beautiful, startling contrast against the pure white of the sweater. One sweater had the stripes and letter "T" on the right side, and the other sweater had the stripes and letter "T" on the left side. The twins looked so cute together!

varsity sweater styles for ladies - custom knit sweater designs

Varsity sweater styles for ladies - custom knit sweater designs

Here's what the girls' mom had to say, when she received the two sweaters: "Susan, they arrived and they are gorgeous! I can't believe the quality of these sweaters. ... Gorgeous!"

Dog Lover Custom Designed Ladies Sweater

There is nothing more thoughtful, more personal, than a gift from the heart, and this hand knitted design is a good example. This custom designed sweater was ordered for an elderly lady who loves her little Boston terrier. Truly, the dog is her best friend in her old age, and when she saw this design, her eyes lit up and filled with tears. You can be sure that every time she wears this sweater, she remembers her grandson, who took the time to think of something really special for her gift. The little dog bone buttons, the tiny "pawprints" marching up one side of the front of the sweater, and the border pattern of little balls and dog bones, make up a memorable design. The motif for the dog came from an actual photo of the dog, which was used as a reference while designing the pattern.

dog lover sweater styles for ladies - custom knit sweater designs

Dog lover sweater styles for ladies - custom knit sweater designs

Custom V-neck Sweaters

One last design to show you - I just can't resist including this one. When the Harry Potter movies came out, I received so many requests for gray v-neck sweaters that I was amazed. I have knitted this gray pullover as a vest and as a sweater, with tapered sides and with straight sides, and with every version of the two-color stripe around the neck and bottom edge, for men, women and children. One of these days, I hope to have the time to knit one for myself.

v-neck sweater styles for ladies - custom knit sweater designs

V-neck sweater styles for ladies - custom knit sweater designs

I hope that looking at these ladies' sweaters has entertained you and provided you with some ideas for your own personal design. Is there something special that you would like to have knitted just for you?

Maybe you have a hobby or unusual job, and want to capture that idea in a unique design; or maybe you have been looking for years for just the right type of black v-neck cardigan to wear with your favorite pants or skirts, and can never find it in the department stores. Possibly, you can find lots of sweaters, but none of them fit you properly - they are too long, or too short, or the sleeves are never right. Believe me, we've all been there.

Whatever your special request, please don't be shy - send me an email, and we will get started on your own custom design sweater.