Custom Knit Sweaters for Celebrities - Personalized Designs for Actors, TV Hosts and Performers

This iconic Zoso sweater is one of my customers' all-time favorites.  I have knitted it as appears in this photo, short and snug-fitting (which is the way Jimmy Page wore it), or as a more casual, relaxed standard sweater.  Wear this to a concert, and watch the people around you react to it.

Personalized knit sweaters for celebrities and performers

Personalized knit sweaters for celebrities and performers


One of my customers wore his Zoso sweater to a concert in Germany, and got there early, to be right in front of the stage. He said the reaction of the band when they saw the sweater on him was priceless, worth every penny.

Another customer said this when he received his Zoso design:

"Hello Susan - I was out of town until yesterday. So I just saw the zoso sweater. It is so nice I can hardly believe it. It's a perfect fit too. Thank you very much. I may have to order a second one - I work out of town, so I may want one for over there too! You are a genius with sweaters." Mark K.  

Mark K. ordered a second sweater, just like the first one.

PLEASE NOTE:  coming soon, there will be a link to a page where you can order the Zoso sweater.  Until then, please Send me an email and let me know that you want one! 


This custom knitted sweater was designed for TV celebrity and Food Network star Mo Rocca, and worn in a holiday TV commercial on The Cooking Channel in December 2013 and again in 2014. The sweater is a simple, classic long sleeve 100% cotton pullover with drop-shoulder style sleeves, color "periwinkle", with pure white lettering across the front. It was designed to have a rustic, hand knitted look. The three little white designs beneath the name are "ravioli", a nod to Mo Rocca's TV show, "My Grandmother's Ravioli".

custom knit sweaters for celebrities - personalized designs for TV hosts, actors

Custom knit sweaters for celebrities - personalized designs for TV hosts, actors

Here's what the Food Network producer said to me when she saw the sweater which Mo Rocca wears in the TV commercial:

The sweater was a hit! Thanks for making us look good."  Gerri R.

If you'd like to see the sweater in action, watch this YouTube video of Mo Rocca in the TV commercial. He appears at the very end of the 60 second commercial.

This custom designed sweater was created for Thomas Hobson, the actor who plays "Shout" in The Fresh Beat Band, a television show on the popular children's network Nickelodeon. Thomas had been wearing a wool sweater for his show, and needed a 100% pure cotton sweater cardigan sweater to wear at ourdoor performances in the summer.

Doesn't he look handsome in his new bright orange cotton v-neck cardigan sweater? Thomas actually has four identical sweaters, two older sweaters knitted from wool, and the two cotton sweaters which I knitted for him.

You can see more photos of Thomas Hobson, and learn about his career as an actor and television celebrity, on Nickleodeon's website.

custom knit sweaters for celebrities - TV actors

Custom knit sweaters for celebrities - TV actors

Instantly recognizable - that's what every performer wants. Sometimes all it takes is a single special garment, like a unique custom knitted sweater, to create that special "stage persona" which makes the fans go crazy.

Working from several photos provided by the film maker, it was possible to recreate this iconic knitted cotton sweater worn by the doll Chucky so that it is exactly the same as the ones worn in the previous movies - right down to the length of the cuffs, the width of the neckline, and the colorful striped pattern. This is painstaking, carefully detailed work, taking hours and hours of designing and knitting. It was so exciting to work on these sweaters! I can't wait for the movie to come out so I can see the sweater on a huge screen.


Custom Knit Sweaters for Celebrities - Personalized Designs for Actors, TV Hosts and Performers

Custom knit sweaters for Performers

Here's what the photographer said when he received these made-to-order custom knits:

"Sweaters look great! I'll let you know when I need more. Thanks very much!"


No, I did not knit the originals of the red and green sweaters worn in the Nightmare on Elm Street films! However, over the years I have worked with several collectors and actors who will accept nothing less than perfect replicas of the various sweaters worn by the infamous Freddy Krueger. Here is one of my customers in his red and green sweater:

custom knit sweaters for celebrities - personalized designs for TV actors

Custom knit sweaters for TV actors

Many thanks to the kind gentleman who has allowed me to use his photo here on this website!

The customers who request these red and green striped sweaters are usually very specific about the stripe pattern and the colors for the design. It is wonderful to work with people who are so enthusiastic about the recreation of these sweaters. Some of my customers send me color swatches, photos and detailed descriptions of the version they want. I do my best to be very precise in the work, and take real pleasure in an accurate recreation. Here's what one happy customer, a police officer from Canada, had to say:

"I picked up my Freddy sweater from the post office today. I must say it is something to behold. It is a work of art! Thank you again for all of your hard work. It is amazing. Maybe you and I will do business again in the future." Herd B.

Do you have a special request for a specific one-off custom design sweater, maybe something to be worn by an actor in a television show, or during a commercial or TV appearance?  Send me an email, and we can get started working on your custom design!