Theme Sweaters - Custom Design Heirloom Sweaters

Theme sweaters, also called heirloom design sweaters, are unique and distinctive forms of wearable art. The Heritage Sweater is especially nice, a unique classic which is a truly one-of-a-kind. The design of the sweater contains motifs from different areas of a person’s interests.

Imagine a sweater which has knitted designs representing the first time you caught a fish when fly fishing with your Dad, or a lighthouse on the coast of Maine from your summer as a camp counselor, a city skyline from your first apartment after college or the magnifying glass which you used to pour over your beloved stamp collection. Because each design is so very unique and personalized, the Heritage Sweater is limited only by your imagination. Where else are you going to find such a special piece of wearable art?

You can tell your life's story in one knitted garment, with special motifs designed to represent different fields of interest. Each Heritage Sweater is completely unique, different from any other.

There are also two American flag designs here which are so close to my heart, American Flag Sweater and American Flag – USA Logo. Designed after 9/11, these patriotic flag sweaters are my way of expressing how I feel. It was a pleasure to create these custom design flag sweaters. I am always proud to knit them for my customers, true American sweaters designed and hand knitted by an American designer. Have one hand knitted just for you, to wear with pride.