Wearable Art - The Heritage Sweater

Wearable Art - The Heritage Sweater. This personalized hand knitted custom design tells a story, individualized for the man or woman who will be wearing it. Each motif on the sweater is different, representing a different part of this person's life. Perfect as a gift for someone who is retiring after a lifetime of work in his or her field, or as a birthday gift for someone special, the Heritage Sweater is a true piece of wearable art, a personal heirloom to keep and cherish forever.

Tell your life's story! Are you a teacher, an engineer, an artist? Do you fish, ice skate, ski? Are you an avid reader, a painter, a cook? The Heritage Sweater can be custom designed to include motifs from every facet of your life, uniquely suited for you alone. Wearable art is just that - hand knitted art, which you can wear and enjoy.

Wearable art is a treasure, something to cherish. I will give your request my fullest attention, and do my best to create a wonderful piece of hand knitted art for you. Simply put, I will eat, sleep and breathe your design until I have it just right. Designing and knitting is my life's work, my greatest joy, and I will do my very best to design something special for you.

Because each Heritage Sweater is so different from any other, it needs to be ordered by email, or by telephone toll free at 1-888-797-1088. Prices begin at $295.00 and will depend on the complexity of the work involved. Information about sizes and their measurements might be helpful to you, as well as looking at the many beautiful colors available for your sweater.

Personalized Heritage Sweater

Each Heritage Sweater is personalized to be completely different from any other. Take a look at the sweater shown below, which has several different motifs. This sweater was designed for a lady in Canada, a Christmas gift from her husband. She is an accomplished pianist, so her husband wanted to be sure to include motifs which referenced her love of music. See in the photo how the bottom border of this sweater includes a "piano" keyboard, custom designed to look exactly like a real piano keyboard.

There is a single pocket on one side of the sweater, designed with a narrow black border, to accentuate the piano keyboard design.

"You're the Best Thing" was the name of the song which this man and woman danced to on their first date, many years ago. The name of the song is hand embroidered on the front of the sweater.

wearable art - the heritage sweater

Wearable art - the Heritage Sweater

The Heritage Sweater takes hours to research, to design and knit, and is truly a piece of wearable art. Here's what my customer had to say when he received the Heritage Sweater, in time to give it as a Christmas gift for his wife:

"Susan, I just opened the sweater. Wow, rarely does something I order online turn out better than I imagined it could. Thank you very much for creating a beautiful sweater for [my wife]! I am sure she will love it." David R.

Custom Details

wearable art - replica motif on the heritage sweater

Wearable art - custom replica motif

This lady's first car was a Studebaker. You can see from the photo below that there is a Studebaker motif included on one side of the sweater, hand embroidered with a touch of silver down the center.

wearable art - replica tiki head on the heritage sweater

Wearable art - custom replica tiki head

The "tiki" head design is another favorite of this woman. She loves tiki heads and collects them, ever since a trip to Hawaii years ago. The tiki head on the front of the sweater is an authentic, hand embroidered copy of a photo of one of her favorite tiki heads, carved from wood.

wearable art - cats on the heritage sweater

Wearable art - cats

Not long ago, the couple's favorite cat "Misty" died, after a long and active life. Here is Misty, faithfully portrayed right down to the tiny green collar hand embroidered on her neck, sitting next to her companion brown and beige tabby cat.

wearable art - musical notes on the heritage sweater

Wearable art - musical notes

As a musician, musical notes are a part of her life, so I made sure to knit notes into the sweater design which are accurate representations of actual notes.

Over the years, I have knitted many other sweaters like this one, which are highly individualized and so special to the people who wear them. Here are some other photos which you may enjoy seeing:

wearable art - words on the heritage sweater

wearable art - eagle on the heritage sweater

wearable art - close up cat on the heritage sweater

wearable art - bee on the heritage sweater

wearable art - paw prints on the heritage sweater

wearable art - crab on the heritage sweater

wearable art - star fish on the heritage sweater

wearable art - dog on the heritage sweater

It would be my pleasure to work with you on your own Heritage Sweater, telling your story in the form of wearable art. Prices begin at $295.00 and will depend on the complexity of the work involved.

Please send me an email, or give me a call toll free at 1-888-797-1088, and you can tell me what you would like to have designed for you.